Case Studies

Case Study: Decoral Group

Business processes automation: Decoral case study Decoral is a group born in 1974 and composed, today, by 16 societies located all over the world. Company: Decoral Group Field: Aluminum treatments Headquarter: Arcole (VR) Employees: 150-200 The group Decoral operates in the aluminum surface treatments business: anodizing, powder coating and wood effect decoration, a technology that [...]

Case Study: Vuolo Group

How to optimize business processes through centralization and automation Vuolo Group, thanks to vtenext and EDM Informatica’s support, centralized every data, which were managed through Excel files, digitized the internal organization and automated some of their most important business processes. Company: Vuolo Group Industry: Industrial Machinery Headquarter: Gragnano (NA) Employees: 150-200 The Company With more [...]

Case Study: CAAP Onlus

Digitization, organization, and cooperation between volunteers from all over the world Thanks to the software vtenext and to the project developed by KPRO, CAAP started their digitization path, abandoning the use of paper documents and organizing data within a single database to guarantee a good accessibility also remotely, allowing the collaboration between volunteers from all [...]

Case Study: Basilicata Region

How to digitize the Public Sector improving the Customer Service through vtenext Basilicata Region, with our partner Cooperativa EDP La Traccia’s support, has been able to digitize and automate, through vtenext, the technical assistance ticketing process, the GDPR management and the periodical communications sending, increasing the customer and employees satisfaction, creating also a unique and [...]

Case Study: QFORT S.R.L. – Mikaline

Centralize all the information about each one of your Business Units through vtenext! Born in Romania and “built to last”, QFORT serves the European market, in particular Romania, Italy, France, Austria, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland and the Canadian market. It is a solid company, with the aim of offering its customers sustainable, lasting and high-quality products [...]

Sales Pipeline and CRM

Table of contents: What the sales pipeline is Which are the phases of the sales pipeline? How to manage the sales pipeline with vetenext How to manage customer orders Sales pipeline: how to increase sales by managing it at its best Sales are the beating heart of every company, and the sales process and project [...]

Case Study: Corex S.p.A.

Automation with vtenext: from the first contact to the complaint management Corex S.p.A. managed to reduce the margin of error speeding up at the same time its internal procedures and facilitating the share and access to information thanks to the winning project of digitizing the business processes regarding the customers, from the first contact to [...]


How to simplify the Sales Force coordination with vtenext Thanks to vtenext and its Business Process Management and Notation engine (BPMN) CAREL managed to improve the company sales processes by efficiently coordinating the sales force distributed all over the world in the 20 branches and 9 production plants. Company: CAREL INDUSTRIES S.p.A. Field: Electrical and [...]

Case Study: Vetrocar S.p.a.

From Sales Department to Internal requests, how to readapt and digitize efficiently business processes with vtenext Thanks to vtenext and its Business Process Management and Notation (BPMN) engine it was possible to convey all company data in one platform, allowing the automation of sales processes and the management of accidents, leads, tickets, purchases and human [...]

Case Study Lead Management: Clerici Group

How to succelfully manage Leads thanks to CRM processes Clerici Group has been working in the bathroom furnishing and plumbing and heating field for more than 40 years. Its networks counts more than 30 stores across North of Italy in Lombiardia, Trentino Alto Adige and Emilia Romagna. The Group didn’t have a clear and shared [...]