How to digitize proceadures when working remotely, a COVID19 success story

The Banco di Napoli foundation was founded in 1991 and is linked to the ancient Neapolitan banks. Today is a non-profit, private and autonomous institution which pursues social interests and promotes economic and cultural development primarily in the Regions of Southern Italy.

Its history can be traced to the original public, charitable banks founded in Naples between the 16th and the 17th century.

The Foundation makes its economic resources available through the distribution of contributions to help non-profit organizations to carry out public interest initiatives and intervene with activities aimed at making an effective difference in the social-economic and cultural sphere. In particular, it is involved in education, scientific research, technological innovation, along with activities for the promotion of art and culture, the conservation and promotion of cultural heritage, and volunteerism and solidarity.

“The innovations introduced not only make everyday work faster and more efficient, but at the same time allow to run procedures in a transparent way in order to constantly monitor the progressess“

– Annamaria Candela General Coordinator at Banco di Napoli Foundation

Why the project was implemented

After many years of managing contribution’s applications on paper and with very traditional methods, in 2020 the Foundation started an activity to completely dematerialize and digitize the procedures. The aim of the project was to digitize all the processes related to this activity, in order to ensure transparency and effeciency and furthermore to allow the possibility to run the process even when working remotely.

In order to achieve this goal vtenext Partner EDM informatica developed the web portal FBN – R.O.L. direclty integrated with vtenext, to fill, send and process the applications.

This created a cloud solution with the following features

  • Dedicated web portal for financing requests: filling, transmission and cataloging
  • Online news pubblication
  • Census of all applicants and related reporting (registry characteristics, geographical distribution, …)
  • Census of all the projects and related reporting (size of projects, duration, main field of activity, types of projects, …)
  • Centralized reception of financing requests
  • Evaluation of back office practices and publication of outcomes
  • Monitoring of the disbursements of the requested contribution
  • History of records for data analysis

The digitization project was commissioned by the President Dr. Rossella Paliotto, and implemented with the precious support of Dr. Annamaria Candela, General Coordinator of the Foundation. Together it was possible to go from the analysis phase to the go live one in just a month.. all this working remotely!

Which are the transformations and improvements?

  • Financing request received via PEC by each of the applicants
  • Centralization of the records and requests in one dedicated web portal
  • Manual check of the data sent by the applicants
  • The system runs an automatic check
  • Advancement of practices for the control of financeability via email and by filling excel files
  • Automatic workflow with alert management and notification sent to monitor the advancement
  • Printing of all financed files and paper archiving
  • Financed files digitally archived in one centralized online repository
  • Manual research of files for reporting in an excel file
  • Scheduled reports in the centralized system

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