Human Resources Processes


Manage the new recruits selection and induction process successfully, facilitate sharing of internal documentation, improve staff retention and grow your talents, delivering benefits and targeted training.

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Manage efficiently your Human Resources with the Processes

The benefits of Human Resources Processes

Efficient selection

From the first contact with candidates to the final proposal, passing through the interviews stage. Coordinate the personnel involved thanks to the shared calendar, generate reports and track every interaction with the candidate

Maximize the success of the onboarding process

Supply all the necessary information to new recruits and create automated processes that allocate activities to all the departments concerned

Track company benefits

Grant and monitor the benefits assigned to each user, from a PC to a company car: all just a few clicks away

Discover your company’s potential

Create staff records, identifying the specific competence of each unit, create tailored training plans automatically and facilitate internal job rotation

Manage sensitive data safely

Request and track personal data processing consent statements in compliance with the GDPR regulation for all staff, creating a secure and constantly accessible computerized database

Share documents

Send documents and internal circulars with the staff and keep track of the acknowledgment

Manage efficiently your Human Resources with the Processes

Our customers’ success stories

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Case Study: Vetrocar S.p.a.

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Case Study Lead Management: Clerici Group

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