CRM Processes

Spread the CRM Processes into your company

CRM Processes
Marketing Processes

Marketing and GDPR processes

Profile incoming leads, create and send customized communications, schedule campaigns for targeted and interested audiences, identifying the most profitable channels for your company, all in compliance with the GDPR regulation.

  • Manage and profile leads arriving from various channels precisely and swiftly
  • Design campaign creation and approval flows and contents with your team
  • Target your audience to create ad-hoc successful campaigns
  • Analyse your customer base and keep track of the most profitable channels
  • Create authorization and data management processes in compliance with the GDPR regulation
  • Define and share standard templates to adopt

Sales processes

Identify, contact and close business deals in the shortest possible time. Create customized offers for cross-selling and up-selling activities, consulting historic data. Monitor and identify your team’s best performing activities.

  • Profile all leads and manage them promptly, keeping track of each interaction
  • Keep your sales opportunities under control, also by means of automatic alerts
  • Coordinate with your team and plan visit rounds thanks to the shared calendar
  • Analyse and summarize the budget, scheduling automatic reports
  • Plan follow-up processes to keep the customer relationship active
  • Automate processes of interaction with the other departments and reduce response times
Sales Processes

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Customer Service Processes

Assistance processes

Maximize the customer experience and increase loyalty among your customers, providing rapid and effective assistance in line with company policies. Plan after-sales interventions and activities, supplying specific reports.

  • Manage requests arriving from multiple sources (e.g. website, mail, phone, etc.) on a single platform
  • Automatically route requests to the department concerned
  • Plan maintenance activities in good time, send intervention reports tracked in the system, and notify the departments concerned (e.g. Administration)
  • Consult customer master records in real time, checking amendments of contracts, warranties and other special cases
  • Build an unequivocal process for management of complaints and returns, coordinating the areas involved
  • Monitor and optimize times onboarding and fulfilling requests

Internal CRM processes

Extend the processes and place all areas of the company in communication. Remove internal barriers, reduce management times and bottlenecks, allowing your staff to work on a single secure and shared platform, following clear workflows.

  • Procurement: vendors selection, tenders management, and budgeting, are just some of the processes you can implement
  • Manage complaints and nonconformities in accordance with the instructions of the quality department
  • Classify the available services and the capacity of communal spaces, also managing reservations
  • Organize and classify internal IT maintenance and assistance requests
  • Coordinate returns logistic activities, harmonizing them with other departments involved
  • Maintain control of customer administration elements, checking for unpaid invoices and assessing margins
Business Processes

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