Smart Working Tools

Share, communicate and continue your daily activities also remotely thanks to vtenext Smart Working Tools

Working remotely

Facilitate, incentivize, automate and optimize agile working throughout your organisation thanks to the support of CRM processes and several of vtenext’s native functionalities such as talks, the orders management module, and CRM internal mails.

Some of our customers

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Continue your daily activities remotely with vtenext Smart Working Tools

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Effective communication

Facilitate information exchange and dialogue:  each work resource in a single, shared and highly intuitive environment

Customer centred actions always

Update the master record and share any customer information in real time with your team, also remotely: from contractual amendments to opening of trouble tickets, with all actions accurately tracked

No lost leads or requests

Define an unequivocal and automated onboarding and management process; set out clear and specific tasks, checking for possible hold-ups or bottlenecks in real time

Specific functionalities for Smart Working

Use the internal chat function to request information from your co-workers or team, reduce the back and forth of redundant emails and work on a single platform, tracking all communications

Rapidly adapt your internal processes to reflect external changes

Sudden productivity increase or decrease, internal sizing adjustments, new investment strategies: flexibility and the ability to react fast are absolutely essential Adopt process-based logic and all changes will implemented quickly and effectively

Respond promptly to all requests

Complaints, requests for assistance or internal requests are fulfilled in record times, also remotely, aligning and informing all the resources involved and automatically assigning specific tasks

Continue your daily activities remotely with vtenext Smart Working Tools

Our customers’ stories

Case Study: Vetrocar S.p.a.

From Sales Department to Internal requests, how to readapt and digitize efficiently business processes with vtenext Thanks to vtenext and its Business Process Management and Notation (BPMN) engine it was possible to convey all company data in one platform, allowing the automation of sales processes and the management of accidents, leads, tickets, purchases and human [...]

Case Study: Banco di Napoli foundation

How to digitize proceadures when working remotely, a COVID19 success story The Banco di Napoli foundation was founded in 1991 and is linked to the ancient Neapolitan banks. Today is a non-profit, private and autonomous institution which pursues social interests and promotes economic and cultural development primarily in the Regions of Southern Italy. Its history [...]

Case Study Lead Management: Clerici Group

How to succelfully manage Leads thanks to CRM processes Clerici Group has been working in the bathroom furnishing and plumbing and heating field for more than 40 years. Its networks counts more than 30 stores across North of Italy in Lombiardia, Trentino Alto Adige and Emilia Romagna. The Group didn’t have a clear and shared [...]