Digitization, organization, and cooperation between volunteers from all over the world

Thanks to the software vtenext and to the project developed by KPRO, CAAP started their digitization path, abandoning the use of paper documents and organizing data within a single database to guarantee a good accessibility also remotely, allowing the collaboration between volunteers from all over the world. Thanks to BPMN processes, it has been possible to automate many activities, including receipts delivering or reminders, making volunteers save precious time.

Entity: CAAP
Industry: Onlus
Headquarter: Zanè (VI)
Volunteers: 10

The Entity

CAAP ONLUS, was born more than 30 years ago, from a group of friends’ idea who felt the need to help less fortunate people.  

The ONLUS began with some fund raisings to help missionaries’ projects in Africa. The first evolution came after the meeting with Padre Cecchin, a missionary who is being beatificated. Thanks to him, it started the first project in Brazil: a school where children are educated, fed and cared for.

During the years, the association kept growing, coming to support 8 different programs in South America (4 in Brazil, 3 in Ecuador and 1 in Perù). These are directly managed by local schools or laity institutions and are supported through distance adoptions, social events like charity works and the 5×1000.

The initial needs

CAAP, in the last few years, experienced a big growth, arriving to manage up to 800 children simultaneously, for this reason they felt the need of a scalable tool to facilitate volunteers’ jobs.

The internal organization in CAAP includes the record management related to: schools, children, godparents and donations. All of these records, connected to each other, constitute the information net necessary for the volunteers to manage the association.

In particular: 

  • each donation is linked to the correct godparent
  • each godparent is linked to the correct child
  • each child is linked to the correct school (project)

In the beginning, the job was managed in a hybrid form, partly digitally and partly through paper documents. This kind of approach was not efficient because of the tools adopted and the impossibility of working remotely, a fundamental thing if we consider that the association is composed of volunteers who dedicate their free time to the ONLUS.

There was the need for a tool, which could allow monitoring every aspect of CAAP, from children records to the donations register, within a single platform, able to organize and connect all the information.

crm onlus

vtenext’s features perfectly fit what we were looking for, in fact we arrived to manage up to 800 children simultaneously without any problem.

– Francesco Riflessi, CEO at KPRO

Digitization and cooperation: the project’s phases

CAAP was searching for a flexible system, fast and scalable. Thanks to KPRO CEO Francesco Riflessi’s experience, the choice has been to implement the CRM vtenext, which easily adapted to their specific needs.

Today CAAP can manage each association’s aspect. Within the CRM they can find records related to children and godparents, connections between children and godparents and it is possible to monitor the donations’ situation.

The first step: vtenext organization and configuration

The first step has been understanding how to adapt a tool designed for companies to a completely different reality as an ONLUS. Thanks to the extreme flexibility of vtenext, there hasn’t been necessary an upheaval of the CRM, they only needed to change some modules’ names and it has been created a new module related to payments.

Once the internal organization has been defined, each volunteer received his own user, in order to be able to contribute in every moment, also remotely. Then, they imported the existing data related to children godparents and adoptions within the system, to make every information available to the collaborators.

Now, users have access remotely to any data they need, including the donations’ register, each one connected to the correct donator. Adoptions can be managed within the CRM, since the first contact to the donations’ report

Within the system, volunteers can exchange information through direct chats or messages connected to specific records. They can also communicate with external individuals (as godparents) through the module dedicated to emails, the Messages module.

The project development: processes’ optimization

Once the project has been fully tested in Italy and after making sure that schools had the necessary equipment, CAAP gave a vtenext user also to operators located in South America, in order to make the uploading and updating of children’s records faster.

Today, schools can directly register within vtenext, which they have in their mother tongue thanks to KPRO’s translation, their children, uploading fastly descriptions and photos.

They also created an app dedicated to godparents, able to facilitate the exchange of mails with their adoptive child, monitor the donations’ register and receive periodical news about the different projects.

But the project keeps going on. In this moment, they are implementing a set of automations to make their job easier and faster, including:

  • Email and notification delivering to CAAP when a new child’s record get uploaded into the CRM
  • Email and notification delivering to CAAP and godparents when the school uploads a new mail connected to the child
  • Email and notification delivering to CAAP when a godparent uploads a new mail connected to the child
  • Donation’s receipt delivering when the godparent send a new donation

A glimpse into the future

CAAP wants to integrate their social channels to the CRM, in order to better communicate and to guarantee to more and more children a better life quality.


  • Possibility of remote working
  • Faster records uploading and updating
  • Faster and easier requests management
  • Paper documents abandonment
  • Better information accessibility and organization
  • System easily adaptable to new needs
  • Better internal communication
  • Scalability

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