CRM and Artificial Intelligence

The future of CRM Software is here: thanks to vtenext integration with the Artificial Intelligence you will be able to bring the relationship with your Customers to another level.

Lead Generation 24/7, customized and instant Customer Service, easiness to Digitally Archive paper documents, discover the powers of Artificial Intelligence and boost your Business!

AI Chatbot: your customized personal assistant

Get qualified Lead, ease the exchange of information and build a succesfull Customer Service!

Chatbot Leads

Lead Generation

Boost the conversions and obtain qualified Leads and Contacts 24/7. Drive your Customers though the journey that leads them to conversion with customized messages and valuable Content via Chat. 

Chatbot interno

Internal information

Support and promote the internal exchange of information, ease the learning of processes and procedures of new recourses during the onboarding period.

Customer Support

Customer Service

A satisfied Customer is a loyal one! Provide prompt and correct answers is the key to a great Customer Service, thanks to Artificial Intelligence this service will become automated and scalable.

“The use of Chatbot can increase Sales up to 67% “– Forbes

Customer Service fast and accurate

Automate the assignment of the ticket requests and manage every need with the support of AI

Offer your Customers a unique experience 365 days a year, before, during and after the conversion with the support of Artificial Intelligence.

By integrating your vtenext CRM with you will be ablet to:

  • Automatically assign the tickets to the area in charge reducing response time and errors
  • Easily manage the answers allowing the algorithm to independently manage the easier and most repetitive ones
  • Monitor and customize each interaction
Sofware CRM

Take your CRM to another level with Artificial Intelligence

Computer vision: OCR

From paper to digital in few click: classify, sort and archive your data with the help of AI

OCR Business Cards

Fairs, events, meetings? Don’t worry, with a scan you will be able to instantly upload in vtenext CRM all data regarding the business cards and organizing at best the follow up activities.

OCR Computer Vision

OCR Documents

Digitize your documents has never been this easy! Analyze photos, scans or pdfs thanks to Computer Vision, the algorithm will be able to automatically upload the data in vtenext CRM.

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Build better Relationships, get qualified Leads 24/7 and simplify the internal exchange of Information with the help of Artificial Intelligence: