Case Histories

Thanks to the automation of CRM Business Processes we helped many companies from every field and dimension to achieve their goals, find out more reading the case histories


Butangas has improved the level of its interactions with customers and potential customers through vtenext and its automations!


Coordinating and managing the salesfoce globally taking in consideration all the particurar fetaure of each country, like for instance currency, language and maturity level of the market is not an easy task. Thanks to vtenext’s reliability and flexibility CAREL INDUSTRIES S.p.A. manage to reach this goal.

Bosch Rexroth

Bosch Rexroth spread the business process management approach to all the organization successfully digitizing the most various processes thanks to vtenext BPMN engine


Farvima choose vtenext to manage at best their contacts, optimize the marketing campaigns and the internal processes. The vertical solution, implemented by our partner Readytec, is used as a company intranet to create a full box of customer information, but also to manage in-house procedures and relations with suppliers.

Clerici Group

With vtenext Clerici Group managed with success and in a single database every information regarding the leads by digitizing the sales processes and monitoring every touchpoint

Manage registration, booking and customized campaigns quickly in one single platform with vtenext, read the success story of

IFOA Sapere Utile

The succesfull integration between a CRM and an ERP is foundamental to manage and share the customer data, read the IFOA success story!


Thanks to vtenext and its Business Process Management and Notation (BPMN) engine it was possible to convey all company data in one platform, allowing the automation of sales processes and the management of accidents, leads, tickets, purchases and human resources.

Dolomiti Energia

Dolomiti Energia SpA Case Study An effective project management flow In order to continuously improve performance and reduce internal business inefficiencies, as well as energy inefficiencies, Dolomiti Energia Solutions relied on vtenext. Management of 3 Business Units and more than 20 mapped and implemented processes are just a few of the results obtained in only [...]