Customer Service Processes

Classify, onboard and manage customer requests efficiently and across all channels, digitalizing and automating Customer Service porcesses

Customer Service Process

Maximize customer experience and boost retention of your customers, providing rapid and effective customer service that is in line with company policies. Plan after-sales interventions and activities, supplying specific reports.

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Discover the power of Customer Service Processes

The benefits of Customer Service Processes

Helpdesk management process

Master records always updated in real time

Customer requests, contracts, warranties and installations are tracked and updated in real time, thus guaranteeing accurate support in line with company policies

Reduce onboarding times

Increase satisfaction of your customers, creating automations for routing requests to the departments concerned

Efficiently plan interventions

Plan maintenance activities in good time, send maintenance reports tracked in the system and notify all interested parties when the job is completed in real time, thanks to the implementation of tailored customer assistance processes

Optimize request fulfilment times

Guarantee fast and clear responses to customers, monitor onboarding times, identify any bottlenecks or hold-ups in the system and automate low value added activities

Manage requests from multiple source

Omni-channel customer assistance management will be the standard for the future. Qualify, onboard and effectively monitor your customers’ requests, keep track of them accurately by creating tailored workflow

Coordinate horizontal processes advantageously

Manage returns, complaints, nonconformities and many additional activities; successfully engage all departments, facilitate information exchange and keep track of the progress of the company process

Discover the power of Customer Service Processes

Our customer’s success stories

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Case Study Lead Management: Clerici Group

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