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The role of CRM in Experience Economy

Table of contents: Experience is not only for the customers Moving from how customers spend to why they spend by working on internal and external processes CRM is not just for a few Automation is not just for reducing costs Conclusions Aware of the fact that CRM is not only a software, but also a [...]

How vtenext helped us working remotely

Logika software has been working in the IT field for 30 years, in particular, it supplies sales and support for ERP management software, it’s an official Zucchetti partner and reseller for Mago4, for electronic invoice solutions, for e-commerce software and for CRM, with vtenext. It also offers consultancy on the digitalization of business processes. They [...]

Customer Knowledge Management System

Table of contents: Knowledge Management: what it is and why it is important Customer knowledge management (CKM): how to manage at best your customers' data The role of CRMs in the Customer Knowledge Management Customer Knowledge Management System: the management and sharing of customers’ information In the past, the fields of CRM and Knowledge Management [...]

Case Study: Corex S.p.A.

Automation with vtenext: from the first contact to the complaint management Corex S.p.A. managed to reduce the margin of error speeding up at the same time its internal procedures and facilitating the share and access to information thanks to the winning project of digitizing the business processes regarding the customers, from the first contact to [...]