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Manage your Internal Customer: take your CRM to another level

How to manage at best your Internal Customer using a Holistic CRM approach The word is changing at the speed of light: knowing how to innovate and improve is the only way to survive. Moreover, the Covid-19 has twisted the way companies work. On one hand, the necessity of creating long lasting relationships with the [...]


How to simplify the Sales Force coordination with vtenext Thanks to vtenext and its Business Process Management and Notation engine (BPMN) CAREL managed to improve the company sales processes by efficiently coordinating the sales force distributed all over the world in the 20 branches and 9 production plants. Company: CAREL INDUSTRIES S.p.A. Field: Electrical and [...]

Why Internal Customer is Important

Internal Customer: why it is important and how to manage it at best with CRM Processes Implementing a CRM project is a challenge for every organization; it brings changes in all levels and involves all the employee. It is important not to lose sight of the correct change management that the CRM brings in the [...]

ISO 9001 e ISO 27001: everything you need to know

Information security and quality system standards Recently VTENEXT obtained the ISO 27001 and ISO 9001 certifications, the international standard on how to manage the information and data security, the first, and the international standard to implement within an organization a quality system, the second. We decided to interview Mauro Sanguinetti, our Auditor. In this article [...]