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      IT & T srl was founded in 2000 with the idea of providing consulting and technology to multinationals and SME about information technology and the worlds of telecommunications. An ambitious vision make possible by the synergy of systems engineers and skilled programmers with decades of experience, oriented to research and development of excellence in every single sector.

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      SoftCodex Sagl is a company that has been in the the IT field since 2005, in particular it deals with:

      – Hosting: web and email hosting provider
      – VPS, cloud and virtualizations
      – Web: development and creation of websites
      – Software: TotalGest, TotalPOS software development
      – Hardware: sale of material and management of company networks, online shop

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      Infodati is your ideal partner for the implementation of solutions and strategies in support of management, thanks to a competent structure, fast and flexible.

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      Nextkrok sp. z o.o., was founded in 2020 with the aim to develop 360° solutions for vtenext platform.
      The team is young, in constant evolution and capable of satifing every customers’ needs.

      Accela is the ideal partner for all those companies that want to scale their business thanks to the use of the best technologies currently available.
      Taking advantage of the skills accumulated over years of experience, we have become the reference point for both our partners and our customers.ACCELA can help your company by consulting and creating BPM flows on vtenext, creating eCommerce and hosting on international cloud services.

      Certified ISO 9000 since 1997 Readytec Spa has been operating for over 25 years with cutting-edge solutions in the areas of e-business, management, hardware and systems.
      Readytec offers the entire line of business solutions / ERP TeamSystem spa based on modular and customizable structures for the different needs of demand, supported by advice on organization and management of business processes, support services and hardware and systems consulting.
      Group leader of Readytec Group consists of companies specialists in IT, Organization, Infrastructure, Consulting, Training.

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      WeSellBrain is a determined and dynamic company that makes available to its partners the knowledge, tools and strategies perfected in several years of customer experience in the B2B and B2C world, concretizing problem solving skills through the use of multiple solutions , ranging from computer consultancy to tailor-made applications.

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      Kpro Consulting is a dynamic reality composed of a team of consultants with different backgrounds, coordinated by the company founder, Francesco Riflessi.Thanks to our many years of experience in Business Consulting, we are able to analyze the tools and methods that, in agreement with top management, must be activated, improved or possibly left out within the company structure to make it better governable towards the set goals.
      Our services are:

      • SPRO Integrated System:Quality, Privacy, Health and Safety at Work;
      • Business processes reengineering;
      • Business analysis and reorganization;
      • Customer Relationship Management;
      • Business Intelligence: a tool to support business decisions.

      We do not replace the company management, but we provide the know-how and the skills acquired.

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      IT PROJECT offers its customers a wide range of products and services in the Information Technology field.
      Born in 1992 and in 1994 becomes Zucchetti partner.
      It deals with the marketing of management software and ERP, integrating them with DW, BI, DMS, CRM, BPM, B2B and B2C solutions, aimed at medium and large companies covering the following functional areas:

      • administration and finance;
      • marketing and commercial;
      • warehouse and logistics;
      • production;
      • management control.

      It is able to realize verticalized software solutions based on specific customer requests, integrating them with the IT platforms it markets and directly providing all the necessary analysis, consulting, training and assistance services. It has created specific software for automatic and real-time detection of warehouse, logistics and production data. It provides all the necessary hardware / systems infrastructures, on promise and on clouding, with particular attention to performance, security and data protection, ensuring, also in this area, the necessary design, installation, consulting, training and assistance services.

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      Dot Com s.r.l. Founded in 2004, our company deals with services and software for small-medium enterprises. We address companies and professionals from all over Italy, proposing solutions based on consolidated ERP, which we integrate with applications developed specifically to create tailor-made solutions. We develop mobile applications in the Android and iOS environment for sales force automation, inventory control and IoT applications. The implementation of a management system can only be successful if supported by adequate assistance and training services. We offer courses in-house and in the company to provide all the necessary know-how to make the most of the solutions we propose. Our staff includes consultants with many years of experience in Production, Management Control, Financial and Accounting Analysis and Sales Management.

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      Responding effectively to the requests of productive company, is the mission of CP S.p.A. which, since 1996, has been the reference partner of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises engaged in digital transformation. Through consultancy services (CP Consultant Division), and IT solutions (CP Software Division), CP provides its customers with personalized and strategic support to help them reach their goals.

      Enhancing the existing infrastructure, implementing new functions by integrating them with those in use, designing a winning system: every needs finds an effective response with CP.

      CP offers companies a constant technological update and a precise analysis of the starting situation. Listening, the knowledge of the company and the sharing of needs and objectives are the ingredients of the growth and innovation path that, in 25 years, 600 customers in Emilia and Lombardy, have led together with CP.

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      Since 1999 NEW operates in business telephony, telecommunications and information technology offering companies traditional and avant-garde services to make them more efficient and secure thanks to the connection between services and everyday needs.Our strength is the synergy between a young and innovative mindset and solid experience gained in more than fifteen years of close contact with business realities and Public Administration.We guarantee the highest technological standards thanks to our qualified staff, industry certifications, quality of our partners’ products and employing the ministerial authorization for the supply of communication networks (ISP internet service provider).

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      AS PROJECT is an Italian company that provides services and solutions in the ICT field, and not only, for companies of every kind: from consulting on software and processes to project management, from CRM to customized softwares, furthermore it provides personalized learning sessions. In order to offer the best professional services AS PROJECT uses a network of consolidated cooperation with companies and senior specialists.
      A unique team with that shares the same motto “by your side, in your company”.

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      HWG is a company specialized in consultancy and supply of services for information security.
      It operates in different environments: financial, commercial, central banks and industries located all over the world.
      In particular HWG manages the various aspects of infrastructure security for different environments: financial, commercial, central banks and industries, enabling users to work in reliable contexts both locally and globally.
      It offers to the customers cloud solutions that ensure maximum data security and it uses a secure hybrid network to connect users globally ensuring maximum performance and safe of data.

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      Logika Software is an IT company with more than 25 years’ experience in this field.
      As Zucchetti partner, it is an official reseller of Mago, ERP for companies of all sizes, which allows to manage of all aspects related to administration and accounting, warehousing and logistics, sales, e-invoicing and production.
      Thanks to the collaboration with VTE, Logika is the first Software House to have created the connector between Crm vtenext and Mago. From this integration a
      truly complete tool is born, thanks to which companies can manage their activities more efficiently.
      Logika offers also services for the creation of websites, e-commerce websites (with the possibility of integration with the ERP) and SEO.

      Info Easy has been operating since 1993 in the Information Technology field, it is proposed to companies as an IT reference: from the company network to the print device, from management software to CRM, from e-commerce site to web communication. The experience of business integrator in the IT field is certified by ISO 9001: 2015 and derives from a continuous investment in research, innovation, training and digitization.
      Info Easy boasts the trust of over a thousand satisfied customers thanks to the quality services provided and the support of qualified specialists.
      “We are convinced that information systems are important for all companies and that they must adapt to the evolution of the business, the organizational processes and be in step with the new technologies” (Claudio Camaggi, CEO).
      This way we face the future: ours and that of our customers who we drive in digital transformation and Industry 4.0.

      GSOPEN SRL is a software consulting company made of people with dacades of experience.
      It operates in the software field and specializes in the following areas:

      • CRM Solutions with VTENEXT;
      • ERP Solutions for small and medium-size enterprises with Business Cube software;
      • Solutions for the raise of external datas with personalised apps and integrate with management system;
      • Customization of applications developed ad hoc ;
      • Personalization of web portals with ecommerce integration

      We are a company operating in the IT sector, and like a partner of Teamsystem we are specialized in the supply of management systems for small and medium businesses able to customize and implement IT procedures based on customer needs.
      The experience gained over the years in manufacturing and commercial companies allows us to know the management processes and therefore be able to provide assistance or implement new flows in order to optimize the daily work or implement new solutions.
      It is essential for us to invest in ideas and projects that can bring value to the market.
      – ADRWizard: management of dangerous goods transport
      – Labels4Waste: management of labels for waste printing
      Both products are the result of a collaboration with a company specializing in the ADR sector.

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      Since 1985 Delta System offers consulting services to companies, IRP software, hardware, network maintenance and security management. The system offers services for designing and managing servers and network architectures of Microsoft and Cloud platforms, dealing with management and customer workstations, security and maintenance of IT systems.

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      Made in bit srl is proposed to companies as a global provider of software solutions and information technology. Thanks to the synergy with its customers, the company has acquired a wealth of knowledge necessary to face the most complex issues related to business management.
      Made in Bit has found in the software Passepartout the characteristics of innovation, flexibility, originality and customization possibilities that represent, for us and our customers, the guarantee of innovative and technologically advanced solutions. In fact, Made in Bit is a Passepartout partner, a leading company in the market of management software for Small-Medium Enterprises and Professionals for over 20 years.
      We have also developed an application for the sales network and for assistance on tablets that guarantees the user to operate quickly and flexibly with all the information always available, even in the absence of connectivity, with a simple and intuitive interface.
      In the IT, Made in bit it is proposed for: Analysis Development and maintenance networks, Virtual Infrastructures, Web / Mail, Voip, Service, Assistance and security systems.
      We also deal with web solutions, consulting and training.

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      Marte Srl is a company of System Integrator and Solution Provider, born from the passion for computer science.
      Only with a service dedicated to the customer, one can understand its real needs, bringing it to solutions that imply a saving of economic resources and an efficiency of results, in a long-lasting axis.Below the services offered:

      • Analysis
      • Design
      • Maintenance
      • Implementation of the information system
      • Software solutions
      • Software and hardware supply
      • Assistance and sales of telephony and computers
      • Data center
      • Hosting
      • Housing
      • Unified communication -tvox telephone systems
      • Software solutions crm-vtenext
      • Custom app


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      I-Tech Srl has been working in the IT field for more than 20 years.
      As Zucchetti partner and Microarea Platinum Partner, we work with Mago4 which is an ERP built for small/medium sized companies. It allows the complete management of all the aspects related to accounting, active and passive production cycle.

      Thanks to excellent analysis and development capabilities we provide dedicated software solutions, capable to satisfy every needs of the market: all this by using the most innovative and efficient technologies in order to achieve the customer’s goals.

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      Since 2010 Mystones has been a trusted provider to offer IT services and solutions to small and medium-sized companies. Mystones aims to design, connect, improve and integrate what already exists in the company, without the obligation to replace the existing infrastructure, using safe and innovative technologies.
      Our services and solutions are aimed to optimizing the budget of our customers for get a long-term return on investment (ROI).
      Our offer include:
      – Integration of third-party systems and management packages;
      – Service of computer infrastructures;
      – E-commerce solutions integrated with global marketplaces;
      – Cloud, virtual systems, networking, 3CX VOIP Software-Based PBX.

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      Errepi Distribuzione operates since 1984 in the Information Technology sector, providing services and selling hardware and software. Errepi Distribution was one of the first companies in Italy to be named IBM Agency and to receive the title of IBM Accredited Agency and Participated.
      In the following years Errepi Distribution obtained the certifications requested by IBM, receiving numerous awards and titles both for the quality of the services offered and for the satisfaction of its customers.
      For over 30 years Errepi Distribution helps professionals and companies to improve their performance by offering a full range of products and services ranging from consulting to software development, from management software to security and system services to their specific IPv5 software for the retail sector.

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      Nova Systems Industria Information & Communication company Tecnology was established in January 1995. Italian company projected to all emerging markets assisting customers in their expansion, with technicians and professionals ready to guarantee the functionality of information systems throughout Italy. Nova Systems Industria boasts more than 18 years of IT experience in the world of industry, Commerce and Tourism, creating software and providing solutions in Cloud. The functionality of Cloud Computing among the most sophisticated and advanced, combined with the completeness of applications and related services, ensures the global response to the organizational needs of our customers. To guarantee customers a growing competitiveness in the ever-changing markets, Nova Systems Industria invests every year important resources in technology and innovation.

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      Olitec Srl was born in 1994 as a company with highly trained technicians in effective, certain and reliable ITC solutions.
      Through an analysis of the needs regarding the aims to be achieved, Olitec is intended to be the technological partner of private and public enterprises that want to improve their computer systems as an effective and productive feature.
      The structure of the company rose gradually and today it can rely on a staff of about 20 people with different tasks and competences: analysts, systems engineers, and hardware and software technicians.

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      Since 1993 EDM Informatica is the 1st TeamSystem partner in the Italian region Campania and is specialized in the supply of ERP systems, advisory service, training and customized assistance for companies and professionals.
      Its aim is to be considered by its customers the “One and Only Technological Partner” with multidisciplinary and complete competences that allows the implementation of high-tech solutions. EDM Informatica can count a twenty-year experience in the field, 20 staff members, more than 20.000 tickets successfully managed every year and more than 1.600 loyal customers with whom they collaborate following the principles of mutual respect, transparency and professionalism.

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      Intesys – Your Digital Transformation partner
      We design, deliver and promote change: your change, your Digital Transformation.

      Digital Transformation, in Intesys’ opinion, is much more than the adoption of another software platform: it’s a matter of cultural and technological change, needed by our Customers to succeed in offering and delivering value, to remain relevant in a market that is getting more and more competitive and demanding day by day.

      We deliver complex Digital Solutions and Enterprise Class software platforms, Data Siloes and Applications.
      We start from Company’s objectives to identify areas that urgently need a real change in term of tools, processes and habits. We operate to identify and boost efficiency, to add value. We work with People for people: we engage them in the process of designing projects and solutions that will satisfy Company Stakeholders (IT, Marketing, Sales, Production, Logistic, Customer care). We help managers to converge and join together towards the real Company goals.

      We matured cutting-edge CX/UX design skills and IT/ICT knowledge, we use them to design and create state-of-the-art tools to boost Stakeholders’ relationships and collaboration. We started our journey in 1995 and we’re still going fast, growing with passionate and unparalleled results as shown everyday by our customers’ successes.

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      Since 1986, Report Srl operates in the IT market, specialized in the production, resale and assistance of Management Software, CRM and Cloud services for Companies and Professionals.
      We offer Problem analysis and problem solving services and realize customized solutions for automation and business management.
      Microsoft Partner since 1990, we provide hardware and system assistance of all kinds.

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      Sartoretto S.a.s. has been operating for about twenty years in the fields of IT assistance and creation of customized software for offices, companies, professional firms and public bodies.
      The IT department of Sartoretto S.a.s. consists of team of professionals with solid experience and always kept up-to-date on new technologies.
      The IT department of Sartoretto S.a.s. also develops innovative solutions for the proactive audit of installed Data Center, through the use of the most up-to-date techniques deriving from the world of telecommunications and Data network, in order to maintain efficient services and to prevent failures, ensuring high availability and safety.
      Sartoretto S.a.s. is specialized in design and installation of computer networks, configuration and management of servers and clients, software development, server virtualization, cloud computing, telephony and TLC solutions, privacy management and computer security.

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      La Traccia is a company that operates at a national level in the IT sector. Its activity consists in assisting companies and organizations that intend to successfully tackle important processes of technological change by offering them, with a strong result orientation, consulting, integrated services and IT products that embrace the strategic, operational and technological aspects of human resources. La Traccia is a PassePartout partner and develops integrated management and CRM solutions, allowing complete management of business processes.

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      Born in 1984 as a partner of Sistemi spa, today our company is structured in various business units with the objective of offering our clients the best support. Our business units are managed by a team of over 55 professionals with the ability to garantee the highest level of project design, consulting and formation, specialized in the following areas:
      – ERP solutions for companies and professional studios
      – CRM, document management system, business process management
      – The developement of personalized software, websites, e-commerce and web marketing
      – Hardware client and server
      – Networking and security
      – Traditional telephone exchanges and voip
      – Internet and telephone connections
      – Printers at cost per page
      – Employee time clocks
      Our focus is to offer our customers a reference point for all the ICT and TLC

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      Assist S.p.a. for more than 15 years has been helping Italian and international companies with the management of their customers thanks to operations centers located in 4 different countries.
      In 2016 we managed more than 60 million digital channels interactions.
      Assist is a Digital CRM provider, that merges the human and digital component to drive the digital transformation of the CRM.
      We offer end-to-end services, by combining CRM and Marketing Automation, UX Research and Design, Digital Solution, Multichannel Operations and Artificial Intelligence.
      Here we work on the entire process of the Customer Experience management in order to turn each contact in a business opportunity.

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      • Assistance management (Basic)

      Techtion is a dynamic information technology company founded in 2008 by people with decades of experience.
      It creates content security solutions, firewalls, VPNs, intrusion detection and prevention, proposing solutions developed by the main suppliers in the sector.
      Techton also deals with customized solutions based on ERP Management, thanks to Partership with Microarea Spa and CRM solutions best fit for the needs of our customers.
      Finally, thanks to the partnership with Fujitsu Technology Solutions, the leading European IT infrastructure provider, it is able to provide high professionalism and expertise to a complete range of products and solutions for customer measurement.

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      AP Consulting is a company, based in Verona, which has been operating in the IT sector for many years offering tailor made assistance, consultancy and training services with a human touch.
      A team of qualified professionals, working in specialized areas, provides targeted solutions based upon the organizational, human and managerial features of companies. Specifically, they deal with:

      • the analysis of, consulting and training about management software for small, medium and big enterprises
      • the design and planning of online communication and web marketing strategies
      • software development for Windows environment, as well as of Android and Ios Apps.
      • hardware, software design and technical assistance
      • advice and support concerning corporate funding
      • Industry 4.0 projects

      Since 2000 they have been working with companies to help them improve their business, providing clients with what works to set up what is really needed.

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      VIRTUALJUICE is the ideal technological partner for small-medium companies.
      The focus is on the management of the customer’s ITC infrastructure with a fixed monthly fee.
      The goal is to provide an high-level assistance service where the availability of technicians is an added value for the customer.
      A helpdesk that works according to defined processes that responds in real time to customer requests.
      The software area present for over 10 years now deals with managing the customer’s operating areas through ERP, vtenext CRM and other vertical software solutions.
      Administrative and Financial Area Management, Marketing and Commercial Area, Warehouse, Production Management and more.
      To be successful, all projects must have the constant participation of all the actors, for this reason every customer is supported by a project manager that follows all the phases, interacts with all the areas involved and leads to start-up without unexpected events.

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      Agis Lab is company that operates in the field of web and technology. Composed of a team of professionals, it offers innovative solutions at affordable prices.
      Such as?
      -It includes the needs of customers and guides them towards a conscious decision
      -Concepts with them an efficient flexible solution able to evolve according to new needs
      -Check the progress of the activities and their result thanks to an effective reporting system
      Agis Lab turns your needs into business opportunities!

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      Our goal is to organize complex systems and make them feasible and efficient.
      AVBRAIN SRL deals with:
      – Analysis, design and implementation of ICT solutions for Offices, Companies and PA;
      – Support for the conversion of work environments from physical to virtual;
      – Outsourcing of IT security implementation and management;
      – Services aimed at protecting and protecting customer data and information assets;
      – Support for the analysis and the production of documents useful for obtaining regulatory compliance in business processes that see an interaction with IT systems;
      – IT training at the Corporate Board (Digital Governance);
      – IT training for Business Managers (Digital Concept);
      – IT training for Business Operations (Digital Work);
      – Consultancy on the creation of company workflows and interaction with the management systems of company procedures;
      – Support and advice for the “reasoned and high return” approach to ISO 2700x procedures;
      – Process mapping, creation of an organizational model and audit of processes pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/2001 (in IT);

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      SOFTING CONSULTING is a company that has been operating since 1991 in the field of Information Technology and in particular in the management software sector. It installs and supports ERP, CRM and BI professional solutions and develops customized vertical applications to solve specific needs of business processes.
      Each solution is oriented to achieve maximum operational efficiency, constantly monitored by Dashboards and Control Dashboards to support every aspect of corporate governance.
      In addition to hundreds of standard installations, there are more than 80 custom projects realized with WinDev, Qlik and PowerBI for Micro, SME and Multinationals in the main business sectors: Marketing, Sales, Purchasing, Human Resources, Logistics, Production, Treasury, Quality, Management Control.

      • Creazione di nuovi moduli

      Modern Economy requires to companies the development of strategies able to maximize efficiency and minimize costs. It becomes, therefore, essential the interplay with customers, suppliers and partners following a logic of collaboration and management of the entire value chain.
      Gruppo Maggioli, with years of practice in the sector, proposes itself as the ideal partner for companies to which it offers outstanding products and services:

      • Software management
      • Web services
      • Hardware
      • Infrastructure services

      Thanks to a team of professionals, highly specialised in the field, we are able to offer competences and technologies that always support customers’ real needs. Functional completeness, product stability, continuity in technological evolution, investment protection are the key points of our research and development.

      • Assistance management (Basic)

      Arcadia Tecnologie is a company that works in the ICT field.
      It is divided into three main areas:
      – System integration on IBM hardware platforms
      – ERP, CRM and vertical Open Source solutions Software House
      – Web sites design and Joomla frameworks e commerce.Arcadia founders have been working in the Information Technology field for decades. The genuine passion is the glue that allows to carry on important projects.
      The tools and the certifications provided by the brands characterizes the high level of skills used to design and realize the various projects, which are always monitored using web services.

      Eventi Telematici was founded in 1998 by passionate people focused on new technologies and media.
      What differentiates Eventi Telematici:
      – Ability to work with both small and big companies always with the same focus and providing the same qualitative standard.
      – Capacity to support the customer, before, during and after the project with the same commitment and reliability.
      – A competent and skilled project management team
      – A strong business ethic that permit them to won some awards in the corporate social responsibility field (CSR).

      Exergy Energy is a software company that specializes in applying machine learning and artificial intelligence to automate complex operations and to seamlessly integrate those activities into a complete business management infrastructure powered by vtenext. Exergy focuses on applying IoT, AI and BPM to manage and control renewable energy, batteries and generators across the electricity grid for the benefit of its subscribing customers and to help manage the impacts of renewable intermittent generation.

      ICT is one of the key point to measure a company efficiency and competitiveness.
      It is indeed though communication and information that you can build a solid network of customers and vendors. For that reason Infonet main focus is to offer innovative solutions to ease company management, in order to improve both internal and external communication. To do so it has worked with the most important companies in the branch, with the vision that the best technology is the one able to grant time saving, dynamic work flows and cost reduction.

      We help businesses and their people being productive and efficient every day, by safe and reliable IT infrastructures and customized Digital Transformation projects.

      Information management and communication are the foundation of an organization which is able to improve and evolve. We make these processes reliable over time, safe from theft and loss of data, efficient with a continuous progress perspective and economically sustainable.

      By pursuing our vision of digitizing while protecting people and the environment, we free up time for people, who will be able to reinvest it in more strategic activities for the company.

      Due to this, from 2014 to today, 96.6% of our customers have chosen to renew their annual agreement with us.

      Since 2001 our core business is providing B2C customized CRM solutions for the best players in Italian and International market.
      We create efficient processes which allow companies managing the data flow and provide tools for a fast communication to final consumers (ticketing platform, technical support, call center…).
      For small and medium-sized enterprises we provide B2B solutions to automate any kind of operations, we can support all the selling processes or helpdesk requests by developing suitable products and complex architecture, based on client’s needs.
      We offer marketing consulting, database implementation and integration.
      Our approach with a strong eye on new technologies let us find the best solutions by choosing ideal products, installing them and creating integrations to support all customer’s requests.
      We worked with RCS Mediagroup, Artsana , Nestlé, L’Oreal, Prenatal, VisionOttica, Idexe and more.

      KELEMATICA was founded as an IT company in 1997 by the union and enthusiasm of its founders, dynamic professionals with considerable knowledge gained in the development and consulting of management solutions for companies.
      By focusing on the individual companies, thanks to their skills and know-how specialized in many areas, we support companies to encourage and guide their growth and their success through a high-level consulting activity.

      For 30 years we have been driven by the passion of simplifying our customers’ present and imaging their future together. We do this always using innovative and tailor-made solutions, we are committed in present in every step of the project
      The customer’s success is our success!
      We relieve our customers from technological complexity allowing them to focus on their goals and business. We constantly look for the most innovative tools to integrate systems, protect data and manage information flows. We are a constant presence in the entire technology value chain, from system integration and IOT, to application development.

      WELCOME2K Srls provides informatics solutions to problems related to the administrative management of professional studios, labor consultants and companies under all the normative, fiscal, managerial and statistical analytical aspects. Partial and global solutions: from the hardware choice to the customization of the software and the training to have a solution “ready to use”.

      WELCOME2K Srls is partner of Ranocchi Srl, of the ERP Business Cube and of the CRM vtenext.
      Our aim is to provide the software and hardware solutions for your company and, thanks to the assistance service, to allow you to use them at best.

      Mikaline is a management consulting and market research company. Aimed to any business where sales is the main focus.

      Mikaline places an executive plan at the center of each operation based on the customer’s relationship analysis with the company.
      The study of the customer journey through all the company’s “touch points” has always been the most powerful tool to look at the future of the company, anticipating events.

      Customer Relationship Management ( CRM): Just at this stage, all aspects related to the technical management of the relationship with the customer are deepened for a correct design or re-engineering of a bespoked and advanced “CRM”, which helps the business to stay in touch with their customers, helps to simplify practices and improve gross margins.
      The CRM platforms offered by Mikaline are linked to an off-site network, contact center for the organization and management on order, of customer experience management campaigns, customer retention, pre-retention actions (churn propensity management), customer care, customer knowledge and general research, able to monitor over time the impacts on the “customer base” to measure all changes proposed and undertaken.

      MINX Software and Service is a Dresden based software and systemhouse offering leading products for CRM, BPM and Helpdesk. We partner with our customers facilitating the complete lifecycle – offering not only products but help our customers in making the most out of it – from solution selection, first-line support, training, the realization of projects based on requirements of the customer. We advise on best use of products and have more in view than technology.
      We address Small and Medium Enterprises the same ways as large Organizations from all industries and public organizations. German-speaking countries are our core area.
      We are authorized partner of leading vendors. We use the resulting information advantage to make our customers successful. Our goal is Successful Change.

      Net Admin Srl has been working in the Information Technology field for more than 10 years.
      We know your needs very well, we know that an efficient IT support can and should make the difference. For that reason we put our pluriannual expertise at your fully disposal, designing with you the solutions that best fit your needs and your business.
      We’ve always believed in the importance of a punctual and professional customer service, because a happy customer is our most precious heritage.
      During the years our know how, thanks to the experience gained with both public and private customers, improved and strengthened by combining technological and management skills, both characterized by high quality and efficiency standards.
      Our headquarter is in the North of Italy but we operate all over the Italian territory by proving that we are a solid, reliable and always updated partner.In the year 2018 Net Admin Srl obtained the following certifications:

      ISO 9001:2015
      ISO 27001:2013

      Born in 2003 to operate in the IT sector, in time Omnitech specialized as supplier of services of System Integrator and Cyber Security.
      Since 2011 its attention is focused on R&D projects, making it become the main focus of its development project.
      In 2017 Omnitech decides to follow its innovative vocation focusing on specialization realizing increasingly strong partnerships with the scientific and academic world of Universities and National Research Centers.
      2019 is the year of birth of OMNINEXT which becomes a Holding of the participating group of companies in the Omnitech galaxy formed by developing important partnerships with IT industry players.
      OMNINEXT is committed to promoting through the projects of Industrial Research and Experimental Development it participates in, as well as the creation of innovative digital platforms in step with the times, using the lever of a business ecosystem focused on the growth processes of SMEs ie: management consulting, growth process finance.

      S.G. Informatica is a structure made up of enterprising and active professionals with a consolidated experience in the creation, supply and assistance of Management, Systems and Networking Solutions.
      Characterized by a dynamic and proactive spirit, typical of a company sensitive to the constant changes that the market imposes on companies, we have chosen to become a certified Passepartout Partner, an important Software House of Management Solutions for SMEs, with Mexal, but also for Solutions specific verticals for sectors such as:
      – Hotel Tourist with Welcome and Menu,
      – Beauty / Wellness with Beauty,
      – Retail / Franchising with Retail.
      Thanks to this collaboration and synergy, we have established ourselves on the territory as a complete and unique supplier in the PMI and HO.RE.CA.
      We assist the client from consulting during the initial start-up, to training and final technical assistance.
      This last aspect is our strong point.

      For more than 30 years, the staff of Servizio Informatica have been offering ERP software solutions for companies and professionals (accountants, career counsellors and lawyers). We offer ourselves as trusted consultants able to solve any IT need, thanks to our competence developed in this field.

      We always have been Sistemi Spa’s partner and within the name of our company, there is our destiny: offer services in the IT field.
      Today we serve more than 1.100 client among companies and professionals, who in fact recognize us with a strong orientation towards service and a precious added value: guaranteeing a single qualified interface for all components of the IT system.

      Our territorial roots led us to consolidate ourselves especially in our region Emilia Romagna give the rest.

      The market requires reactive, competent and professional assistance. We are ready to give the appropriate answers and we are ready for this challenge.

      Sistemi Open was founded in 2007 from the acquisition of an IT company that already boasted over 20 years of experience in the field; it provides technical support services and all-round specialized consulting in the IT field, specialisted in Microsoft, Citrix and VMware environments, in cloud and in premise infrastructures. It provides solutions ranging from first and second level technical consulting and assistance to the supply of hardware, software and infrastructure projects.

      We also provide Cyber Security solutions, business profile Internet connectivity, cloud services and VoIP, as well as various technical certifications with our business partners.

      The goal of Sistemi Open is to be the only interface and the only interlocutor for all IT aspects, so that the customer can take care of the most profitable activity: their all work.

      Swissbix, thru own internal know-how, cloud solution, and IT partners, is able to support even the most demanding customers.
      Our goal is to help businesses improve their own processes, with high focus on fields like security and reliability for highly tecnical solutions.
      With our Technical oriented sales team we can reach high standards, experience and passion on each customer’s project. The strategic alliance with experts on field, allows to deliver a global and targeted approach in the management of ICT environments.

      T.C.S. SERVICE srl since 1992 offers in the market of the provinces of Grosseto and neighboring, its solutions for Companies, Professionals and Commercial Studies, Public Exercises, Commercial Activities, with the supply of goods and services related to Cash Registers, POS Systems for catering, Scales, Multifunction Photocopier, Plotter, Server, Computer, Peripherals, Office Furniture, Management Software for Businesses and Commercial Studies, CRM Software. One of the main strengths of T.C.S. SERVICE srl, besides serving thousands of customers with the utmost seriousness and professionalism in over 26 years, is able to provide 360 ​​° solutions, by virtue of the variety and completeness of the products and services offered, which allows us to be considered true and their “solution providers”. The company is ISO9001: 2015 certified and is an Autonomous Laboratory recognized by the Revenue Agency for the Periodic Verification of the Fiscal Measurement Devices.

      Our Company
      Texo Software was born from an idea of three professionals that, driven by their entrepreneurial spirit, decided to join their forces and abilities.
      We believe enthusiasm, experience and professionalism to be at heart of that explosive mixture that is essential to compete on nowadays’ market.
      Our Philosophy
      We believe in professionalism, we believe in curiosity that leads us every day in search of new ideas and technologies, we believe in the will of pursuing our aims. We believe in our work.
      Our Offer
      It’s strongly oriented towards the proposition of information systems: enterprise resource planning (ERP), costumer relationship management (CRM), document management system (DMS), business process management (BPM) and business intelligence (BI). All of this, together with a great deal of consultancy and planning, makes Texo Software a trustworthy and efficient company.

      Transform your business processes into impressive experiences.

      We use Artificial Intelligence (AI) to unlock the value and to gradually improve and automate the business processes.

      The machine learning is all around us, maybe the concept is still new to some but it already has a huge impact on our everyday life. For example when we use virtual assistants, the machine learning is facilitating our lives.

      In order to improve vtenext proceses the use of Machine Learning if very important, in particular in classification and discovery features.

      Vtenext breaks the internal silos menthality by designing and automating every company processes and allowing businesses to follow a new logic. In this way internal flows are made efficient and agile.

      4D Sistemi Informatici was born in 1997 in Voghera, in the Pavia province of northern Italy. The company is specialised in integrating software systems and developing custom-made hardware and software solutions. It works mainly in the aforementioned geographical area and manages companies with headquarters all around Europe. 4D’s technical unit provides these companies with personalised solutions, along with project work, supply, installation, maintenance and assistance.Its constant professional development, its human values and continuous research for the latest technologies on the market make 4D a reliable, up-to-date and constantly available partner.