360° Company Processes

Manage internal company processes efficiently, removing communication barriers and bottlenecks, and keep track of the information in a single database

Business Processes

Extend the processes and place all areas of the company in communication with one another. Remove internal barriers, reduce management times and bottlenecks, allowing your staff to work on a single secure and shared platform, following clear workflows.

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Volkswagen Nexi bosch rexroth 1000 MIGLIA Auchan

Efficiently extend the Business Processes to all areas

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HelpDesk management

Handle returns and complaints easily

Define clear procedures shared with the quality department, manage complaints and nonconformities, identify the causes and take prompt action

Fast and effective procurement

Vendors selection, tenders management, budgeting and many other processes can be implemented and automated to perform the necessary activities in the optimal manner, while simultaneously guaranteeing their perfect coordination

Know the value of your customers

Create constantly updated master records for each customer, automatically check and dun any overdue payments. Calculate margins and profitability for each customer in real time

Communal spaces reservations and management

No more double bookings or insufficiently large spaces: customize processes and manage reservations in real time, checking participation of guests via to the shared calendar

Successfully coordinate return logistics

Remove internal barriers, trigger the process and involve all areas connected with the return procedure, from the warehouse to administration, sharing specific

Optimize internal requests management

Automatically categorize, sort and assign all internal requests for IT maintenance or assistance in real time, monitoring onboarding, progress, and resolution

Efficiently extend the Business Processes to all areas

Our customers’ success stories

Case Study: Bosch Rexroth

Manage your business processes at 360 ° in a flexible and personalized way with vtenext Thanks to vtenext and its business process management engine (BPMN) Bosch Rexroth convered all its business processes, managing the high complexities and automating all the time-consuming activities by constantly monitoring them in order to improve the underlying processes and quickly [...]


How to simplify the Sales Force coordination with vtenext Thanks to vtenext and its Business Process Management and Notation engine (BPMN) CAREL managed to improve the company sales processes by efficiently coordinating the sales force distributed all over the world in the 20 branches and 9 production plants. Company: CAREL INDUSTRIES S.p.A. Field: Electrical and [...]

Case Study: Banco di Napoli foundation

How to digitize proceadures when working remotely, a COVID19 success story The Banco di Napoli foundation was founded in 1991 and is linked to the ancient Neapolitan banks. Today is a non-profit, private and autonomous institution which pursues social interests and promotes economic and cultural development primarily in the Regions of Southern Italy. Its history [...]