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Born in Romania and “built to last”, QFORT serves the European market, in particular Romania, Italy, France, Austria, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland and the Canadian market.

It is a solid company, with the aim of offering its customers sustainable, lasting and high-quality products with an impeccable experience, these are QFORT’s values.

Company: QFORT
Field: Joinery
Headquarter: Romania
Employees: 1300

The company’s needs

Their experience and their attention to the customer, brought QFORT to undertake, with our partner Mikaline, a sales processes digitalization path.

Their collaboration began in 2019 from QFORT’s need for a tool to optimize their Customer Experience.

The project’s main goal was to standardise the buying experience offered by the network of partners and the one offered by their flagship stores, in order to ensure to the customers an impeccable and even service.

Mikaline’s approach, called AUDACE approach, is a customer-centric way to work, focused on simplicity and data accessibility, so it perfectly fits with QFORT’s needs.

Audace philosophy and accessible data: the implemented project

Mikaline applied the AUDACE model philosophy on the CRM platform vtenext, making available for their partner a tool able to supply in real time each kind of data related to sales and opportunities managed by the salesforce, and to monitor the Customer Journey in each phase.

Additional features for a winning project:

  • the CRM has been integrated with a contact center, allowing the remote operators to display always updated information
  • unique vtenext user for every partner, in this way they are able to collect and report the Customer Experience of their clients. From feedbacks regarding the sales person in charge, to post sales experiences and so on
  • chance to create targeted phone calls campaigns to reconnect with old business opportunities and to support the sales team
  • creation of a digitized process to take charge and manage every lead request fastly. With a vtenext’s add-on the headquarter can assign all the request coming from different touch points to the partner of that area
  • opportunity to report the performances of every partner and their ability to manage every assigned lead fastly 

Thanks to the adoption of the AUDACE model, applied to the CRM platform vtenext, it is possible to supply in real time a set of essential information about the customers, business processes, employees work and about processes and performances trends.

“The partnership between QFORT and Mikaline started because of the need of a tool able to standardise the buying experience offered by the network of partners and the one offered by their flagship stores, in order to ensure to the customers an impeccable and even service.“
– Mattia Rubanu CEO at QFORT

Introduction to the solution and benefits

The main benefits obtained are:

  • possibility of mapping all the information about customers and their experience
  • improvement of the quality of the services supplied to the customers
  • faster access to information that ease the decision making process
  • chance to easily monitoring the performances
  • constant connection with suppliers to improve day by day the implemented processes
  • improvement of the Customer Experience

qfort vte

A glimpse into the future

The QFORT case history, highlights how the customer-centric way to work and the particular attention for the Customer Experience, applied through a good CRM solution, create value for the company and the customers, both internal and external.

QFORT has two main goals for the future: 

  • the realization of completely digitized show rooms, to offer customers a unique buying experience
  • ensuring to all the partners the possibility to work efficiently and professionally

These objectives are perfectly coherents with QFORT’s mission and with the basic principles on which the CRM has been founded.

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