How to succelfully manage Leads thanks to CRM processes

Clerici Group has been working in the bathroom furnishing and plumbing and heating field for more than 40 years. Its networks counts more than 30 stores across North of Italy in Lombiardia, Trentino Alto Adige and Emilia Romagna.

The Group didn’t have a clear and shared workflow for the lead management: potential customers’ data were uploaded in the ERP after an offer request but they remained in a sort of “limbo” until the order was confirmed.

“Vtenext allowed us to digitize and automate our processes for the lead management, before we used to do all the procedures manually. We saw the first positive changes in just few months.“

Luca Zanirato CRM Manager

vtenext CRM Lead management processes

Clerici Group began the digitalization of the process starting from the following touchpoint:

1) Show-room: an automatic process sends a welcome email to every customer that visits the show room and leaves the data as well as storing the record in vtenext’s database

2) Web site: all data collected by the webforms are automatically synchronized in the CRM

Thanks to a custom integration between vtenext and Mistral on AS400, the next step was the direct lead creation in the ERP linking the related offer.

Furthermore by creating a process in vtenext all records are always and bidirectionally updated in both platforms.

Present benefits and future plans

«In just six months we managed to automate a part of our group, the show-room» says Luca Zanirato.

Some benefits:

  • Decrease in time waste
  • Better information access, no more loss or duplicates
  • Customer data are easier to find, consult and filter
  • Lead recovery and qualification process is faster and more accurate
  • Significant increase in the managed leads: the goal is to go from 1000 to 20.000 managed leads
  • Rapid information share
  • Faster response time to customer requests 

This is just the beginning of the journey for Clerici, as a matter of fact they are already planning on expanding vtenext processes and manage also the marketing campaigns and the sales force.

During the years our network of partners helped many companies of every size and sector implementing ad hoc solutions according to their needs. Try vtenext for free at the following link and contact us to discover all its features!