CRM Essentials

Chatbot: what is it and why to use it in your company

Table of contents: Chatbot: what is it? Which problems does a Chatbot solve? Which are the benefits of using a Chatbot? Technologies linked to Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the possible applications within companies keep evolving. Chatbots, in particular, are the tools which successfully support, more than the others, organizations in the daily tasks management. We [...]

Follow-Up: 5 actions to make your activity a success after a trade fair

Table of contents: Why is it important to follow-up after a fair? 5 tips for a perfect follow-up Manage your follow-up with vtenext You made it. Your fair has been a success. Finally, after two years of pandemic you participated in a trade fair, you met new leads and you collected new contacts, which could generate [...]

CRM & Chatbot: discover how to increase your sales

Increasing sales is a common goal for every company. Reaching it, without improving your sales team is now possible thanks to a Chatbot. Innovations within the conversational Artificial Intelligence world changed the way companies can use a Chatbot for sales. Chatbots can offer unique and customized experiences directly inside the chat window. They can involve [...]

Holistic Approach: why and how implementing this kind of vision

2022 is a very important year for vtenext: the reached goals are different, but being included by Gartner both within CRM and BPM magic quadrants, as one of the best solutions at international level made us really proud. However, which is the feature that led vtenext to be included in both the quadrants? We will [...]

CRM & Onboarding: loyalize your collaborators during the Smart Working and Great Resignation age

  The words Smart Working are now common in our everyday professional life and deeply changed the working environment and the way collaborators relate with companies. We also witnessed another important phenomenon: the great resignation. Great resignation has led people to leave their job, especially during the first six months, more easily. Creating an effective Onboarding [...]

Sales Enablement: the winning sales strategy for the 2022

Selling in B2B and B2C markets has become difficult. Customer behaviors are deeply changed: the way companies and consumers get in touch changed, but also the consumers’ level of information became higher. In the article we talk about Digital Customer Service and CRM and we underlined how the digitization process we lived during the last [...]

Sales Process: phases and how to digitize it

Table of contents: 8 phases of a successful sales process How to digitize your sales process The 4 steps to effectively digitize a sales process Implementing a digitized sales process FREE TRIAL A sales process is a series of replicable actions done by a sales team to convert a Lead into a Customer. The consumers’ [...]

eCommerce and CRM for your SME

Table of contents: eCommerce for SMEs: how to improve your online presence quality, making it more profitable Why do you need a CRM for your SME’s eCommerce Never as in this last year and a half so many SMEs switched from offline to online sale. It has been a true lifeline in a very difficult [...]

Lead management: what is and why is important

Table of contents: What is Lead Management? Lead Management software: why you need it Digitize the Lead Management processes What do we mean for “Lead” in a CRM? The leads contained in your CRM are the lifeblood of your company, it doesn’t matter if you are in small or in a big company. A lead [...]

Customer Service and CRM

Table of contents: The new digital customer The evolution of customer service How to digitize customer service processes with vtenext How to effectively digitize your customer service and post-sales processes with vtenext Over the past few years, thanks to the pandemic as well, the number of digital interactions between customers and companies has increased exponentially. [...]