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Case Study: Bosch Rexroth

Manage your business processes at 360 ° in a flexible and personalized way with vtenext Thanks to vtenext and its business process management engine (BPMN) Bosch Rexroth convered all its business processes, managing the high complexities and automating all the time-consuming activities by constantly monitoring them in order to improve the underlying processes and quickly [...]

What is CRM: meaning and functioning

What is CRM?
CRM is the acronym for “Customer Relationship Management”.
The meaning of CRM is linked to the relationship with the customer and therefore to all the strategies, software, technologies and processes used by organizations to engage, acquire, manage and retain potential and current customers.
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How to simplify the Sales Force coordination with vtenext Thanks to vtenext and its Business Process Management and Notation engine (BPMN) CAREL managed to improve the company sales processes by efficiently coordinating the sales force distributed all over the world in the 20 branches and 9 production plants. Company: CAREL INDUSTRIES S.p.A. Field: Electrical and [...]
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Why us?

vtenext is the only all-in-one CRM solution that allows you to manage all Marketing, Sales and After-Sales activities on a single platform, automating and digitalizing all company processes easily and boosting productivity, also remotely.

From Leads to Customer Assistance, touching on Offers and cross-selling and upselling activities, you can manage all Marketing & GDPR Processes, Sales, Customer Assistance Processes and, more generally, all CRM processes considered globally.

Discover the benefits, customizing and automating your workflows easily with vtenext.

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Facilitate and optimise internal communications, creating automated workflows and accurately managing all requests from the internal customer, also remotely: management of human resources, sampling requests, additional features for Smart Working.

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Choose a Cloud solution and shorten the times required to implement your CRM project, skipping the phase of installation and configuring the software on your servers and devices. Start immediately, without hold-ups, proceeding in absolute safety.

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Control, security, stability and community: not just a string of random words but the reasons that have persuaded many companies of all sectors and sizes to choose an open source solution, exploring all the benefits of vtenext and testing it hands-on.

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From small businesses to large multinationals, discover how they implemented the solution and the benefits they obtained: higher productivity, automation of repetitive tasks, reduction of margins of error and bottlenecks, optimization of resources employed, and far more besides!

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