Automation with vtenext: from the first contact to the complaint management

Corex S.p.A. managed to reduce the margin of error speeding up at the same time its internal procedures and facilitating the share and access to information thanks to the winning project of digitizing the business processes regarding the customers, from the first contact to the contracts and complaint management.

Company: Corex S.p.A.
Field: Food and Bavarage
Dimension: Operates in 82 markets with 853 products

The company

Since 1979 Corex S.p.A. selects, produces and exports the finest Italian specialities worldwide.

Hard work, passion and dedication allowed the company to work in 82 different markets with 6 brands and 583 different products, reaching an annual revenue of 36 million.

From the land to the table, the production process is based on the unquestionable values of respect, sensitivity and environmental care.

Corex S.p.A. initial needs

Care and attention for its customers brought Corex S.p.A. to undertake, together with the reseller EDM Informatica, a digitalization and automation project of its sales business processes.

The initial company needs were the following:

  • Profile and categorize the prospects from the web (website, landing pages, social networks etc.)
  • Customer base clustering
  • Digitization of the sales processes with the related tasks
  • Monitoring of every single sale marginality
  • Quality check and non-conformity detection
  • ERP integration in order to work on a single environment

“Working at the vtenext project with the reseller EDM Informatica was a stimulating experience. The solution analysed and implemented together is a combination of expertise and innovation, making the daily working activities more efficient and dynamic.“
Dr. Francesco Naddeo Marketing Manager in Corex S.p.A.

From the first contact to the management of contracts and complaints

In order to implement an efficient process digitisation project it is fundamental to involve as many business areas as possible.

For this reason Corex S.p.A., with the guide and the experience of EDM Informatica, decided to involve the following areas: Marketing, Sales, Quality Control and Administration, allowing the users to work on a single and safe work environment where all the data are saved, stored and easily shared and where the business processed can be reported and improved.


1. Prospects, Customers and Quote generation thanks to two BPMN processes

The first step for the company was to upload all the data in a single database: now the sales department and the managers can clearly distinguish between customers and potential ones, keeping track in their record of all the activities carried out over time and the purchased made. Moreover, thanks to a BPMN process designed in vtenext, the management supervises with accurate scheduled reports all the activities performed by each team member identifying the most profitable ones (eg. the geographical areas that convert the most, the type of campaign that performs better etc.).

A tailored process to avoid underestimate quotations

Before issuing the quotation, the member of the sales team is guided, thanks to a tailored BPMN process, in creating a commercial offer that takes in account the payment condition of the customer and some eventual exception. In this way, not only all the historical data are kept and updated, in the event that another user in the future has to recreate the same offer, but the system also avoids the creation of underestimate quotes.

2. A winning integration with the ERP in use

Thanks to an accurate analysis, Corex S.p.A. designed and implemented a sales process that follows the users of the sales department through all the steps that directly follow the commercial offer creation, it ends with the approval and the bidirectional import of the information in the ERP in use.

vtenext’s flexibility allows a continue exchange of data between the ERP and the CRM, for instance in the vtenext customized module “Contacts” all data regarding contracts, supplies and deadlines are constantly exchanged in real time.

vtenext has also been succesfully integrated with other solutions in use, including web applications and the software of Business Intelligence with the aim to provide a contant updated flow of information.

3. Complaints management: a particular focus on quality and customer care

The correct management of complaint can definitely make a difference in terms of quality, on those basis Corex S.p.A. and EDM Informatica created a customized module that collects all the customer’s feedback linking them with the related sales orders.

In this way, all the non-conformity are tracked and scheduled reports allow the marketing and the production areas to always be updated.

The solution and the benefits

The main benefits obtained are:

  • Better data access, they are not scattered among mail, phone calls and excel files
  • Fast information sharing thanks to the integration of the CRM with the main software in use
  • Improved management, all the areas can now communicate in and fast way
  • Decrease of errors due to the implementation of automated processes and scheduled reports

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