Marketing & GDPR Processes

Acquire, monitor and manage leads, identifying the most profitable channels, plan incisive campaigns and newsletters, creating customized contents thanks to the Marketing & GDPR Processes

Marketing GDPR Processes

Profile incoming leads, create and send customized communications, schedule campaigns for targeted and interested audiences, identifying the most profitable channels for your company, all in compliance with the GDPR regulation.

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Discover the power of Marketing & GDPR Processes

The benefits Marketing & GDPR Processes

Lead management process

Manage and profile leads effectively

Create a single database of profiled potential customers from various channels, assign them promptly, creating automated onboarding systems and implement effective email automation strategies, thus increasing conversion possibilities

Target your audience

Profile your database: segment the data and implement automations and customized campaigns based on the customer maturity phases, in order to create targeted and high-yield marketing campaigns

Quickly create and approve new contents

Facilitate information exchange, the inception of new strategic ideas and activities monitoring, creating customized flows of creation and approval of the various marketing campaigns with your team, reducing realization times and maximizing effectiveness

Identify the most profitable channels

Analyse your customer base, monitor conversions and identify the most profitable campaigns and channels

GDPR Compliance

Manage data of customers and leads in full compliance with the GDPR regulation: create tailored automations capable of independently managing consent statements and keep track of each master record

Define and share standard templates to use

Create a database of standard PDF templates shared with the entire organisation and send notifications of insertion or editing of documents

Discover the power of Marketing & GDPR Processes

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