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Processes across the entire organization

vtenext meta done is an open source solution that allows all members of an organization to use a CRM and actively intervene in the processes meeting the budget needs. vte meta done connects with the different proprietary CRM solutions and allows a bidirectional data exchange.
The opportunity offered by a global use of the CRM represents a solid base to create and strengthen the efficiency of CRM business processes.

All the organization should have access to the CRM
For a successful CRM project implementation, it is essential that the whole organization can take part in the processes with its own list of tasks to perform. CRM processes must be available to all users if we want that the business strategies really meet the customers needs.
Thanks to the logic of CRM processes, it is possible to display, model and improve in a strategic way the customer management processes, incrementing the efficiency and competitive advantages.

However, if the CRM is used only by a small part of the organization, these strategies cannot be completely implemented as it is possible to monitor only a small part of the work flows, removing the company from the final goal of satisfying customer needs.

vtenext metadone

vte meta done: the CRM solution for everyone
Not all companies can afford a high investment to optimally implement and extend a CRM solution to every user, mostly if the solution is a proprietary software. This is where the vte meta done solution comes into play.
It can integrate with the most popular CRM solutions already implemented, allowing the data exchange, the access to everyone and consequently the realization of traversal CRM processes within the organization.

Processes are fundamental to link the entire organization
The implementation of the processes allows the company to optimize all internal flows, to know the critical points and to propose customized solutions, to assign tasks and responsibilities to the different users, allowing the flows to continue only if certain actions are undertaken. Distances among internal areas, stakeholders and external collaborators disappear and the company is finally able to act like a unique element able to satisfy in a certain and complete way the customers needs.

I processi attraversano l’intera organizzazione
vtenext BPMN Process

The chance to use the CRM processes in all the organization has various benefits:

• improvement and streamlining of production processes with savings in terms of costs and time,
• improvement in the company brand reputation, due to the ability to respond in time to customers needs, especially in post sales and assistance areas,
• effective lead management with the automated lead assignment process to the person in charge, furthermore there will be higher quality on the customer record in order to implement targeted and customized processes to manage contract renewals, support, marketing campaigns etc.,
• efficient deadlines management with automated processes capable of performing different actions depending on the type of customer,
• strengthen the sales tools,
• rapid overcoming of critical issues and bottlenecks,

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