Technologies linked to Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the possible applications within companies keep evolving. Chatbots, in particular, are the tools which successfully support, more than the others, organizations in the daily tasks management.

We can’t forget that customers have become more and more sophisticated and impatient: according to a research, 62% of customers prefer using a Chatbot to solve a problem with the customer service instead of waiting to talk with a person.

Moreover, according to PSFK, 74% of users prefer to interact with a Chatbot when searching for simple information online.

Chatbot: what is it?

Chatbots are software applications able to simulate human conversations.
They get their intelligence from Machine Learning programs, so they can be trained through an initial set of data to understand human conversations. The more they train with different sets of data, the more effective and natural their communication skills become.

For this reason Chatbots are excellent tools for repetitive activities, in which the operator presence is not fundamental.

Which problems does a Chatbot solve?

Chatbots can be used in different business areas for the automated management of repetitive processes. Here are some practical examples.

Lead Qualification

A Chatbot can manage your website visitors, it asks them relevant questions and qualificate them to make possible a more effective management.

After the qualification a Lead is automatically stored in your vtenext CRM and assigned to the salesman due to the criteria you chose. In this way you are going to save time and offer your potential customer a better experience.

The chatbot can be also used to book and plan a demo or an appointment.

Ticket Classification

The Chatbot can be linked to your favourite ticket management tool. In this way, you are going to get your tickets automatically classified and assigned to the correct operator. Thanks to the AI, the Chatbot can classify your tickets according to the language, the kind of problem, the priority or other parameters you can set autonomously.

chatbot cos'è

Internal use Chatbot

This Chatbot can help employees during the initial phases of the onboarding process. In the case a new employee had difficulties in finding an information, he can get the answer directly through the Chatbot, without asking colleagues or superiors.


It is not a real Chatbot, but an assistant which helps you to follow BPM processes defined in vtenext. Thanks to the ProcessBot you could build your processes, combine the use of more algorithms and tools and create the perfect process for your needs.

Which are the benefits of using a Chatbot?

Chatbots have already proven to be precious tools in different business areas.

Vtenext integrated Klondike technologies, a company which automates business processes through Artificial Intelligence.

Thanks to Klondike benefits of using a Chatbot are several:

Chatbots are more reactive in giving answers if compared to a person. The number of managed messages and the speed of the answers given is extremely higher.

Are we ever happy to wait to talk with an operator? Chatbots are perfect to help customers in real time with automatic answers which satisfy most of people’s needs.

avoiding conflicting responses.

Chatbots can be configured to manage in a different way new customers, regular customers and potential ones which are leaving your website, especially if you work with an e-commerce. Chatbots can recognize customers automatically, offering customized messages and bring customers to convert.

according to a research, 73% of customers’ questions can be managed with less than 5 messages. Chatbots can ease the load of your customer service team managing autonomously the most common problems

you are going to be able to manage successfully each traffic increase, as Christmas holidays and peak hours, without huge investments.

If human work is lightened thanks to the presence of a Chatbot, employees could dedicate more time to activities with greater added value. The company could save money both on training and infrastructure costs.

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