Clerici Group success story

An efficient Lead Management


Clerici Group has been dealing with bathroom furnishings and supply of plumbing and heating equipment for more than forty years. The company reatail channel counts more than 30 shops in the North of Italy.



Clerici did not have a clear and defined lead management process: the customer’s data were uploaded in the ERP only when a formal offer was required and then they remained in a sort of limbo until the order acceptance.


ABOUT vtenext

«vtenext allowed us to digitize and automate the processes linked to leads, which until then were completely manual, as well as allowing us to see the first benefits in a few months»

The CRM Project

The digitalization of the lead management process began with two important touch point:

1) Show-room: an automated process sends a welcome email to every customer that visits the store as well as uploading the data directly in vtenext
2) Web site: using an integrated web form the data coming from the site are uploaded in the CRM

The next step was the synchronization with Mistral, the ERP in use. Thanks to this the lead record can be created in the ERP with the related Offer. The integration between the two systems allows the constant bidirectional update of the lead record.


  • Decrease in time waste
  • Better access to information, which are no longer fragmented, duplicated nor redundant
  • Customer data are easier to find, consult and filter
  • The integration with the contact center allows to recover and to qualify the leads in a faster and more efficient way
  • Increase in the number of managed leads: the prevision is to go from 1000 lead now managed to over 20.000 in a year
  • Rapid share of information among the company of data contained in the ERP
  • Quick response to customers and improvement in the service provided