Dolomiti Energia SpA Case Study

An effective project management flow

In order to continuously improve performance and reduce internal business inefficiencies, as well as energy inefficiencies, Dolomiti Energia Solutions relied on vtenext.
Management of 3 Business Units and more than 20 mapped and implemented processes are just a few of the results obtained in only 3 months in total, with the help of vtenext’s experts.



Dolomiti Energia Solutions guides people, companies and public bodies towards new energy frontiers with custom energy solutions in order to destroy inefficiencies, reduce management costs, improve the environmental footprint and produce energy. The group, which it belongs to, is active in the whole energy supply chain: production, distribution, trading and sale.



Dolomiti Energia Solutions covers the entire energy chain market from production to sales; in addition, the company operates through 3 Business Units.
Therefore, among the requirements are optimization of the taking over of activities, the breaking down of internal communication barriers and the possibility of allocating resources to higher value-added activities.



Realized CRM project

Thanks to vtenext and its embedded Business Process Management engine (BPMN), Dolomiti Energia has improved the business processes related to project management, by ensuring an optimal and effective coordination of activities.

Together with vtenext, Dolomiti Energia has created a successful project management process, capable of qualifying new projects or associating them to existing ones, with the possibility of monitoring the status of the process in real time, to identify any blockages or bottlenecks.

The flow:

The process starts from the moment a contract is processed, a popup requires the user to qualify the project through a picklist: new project, associate to existing project or cancel creation (in case of error). In the same mask, it will also be possible to choose the reference person, or better the assignee user, who will follow the project.

In case of a new project, the process automatically generates the project, the planning and the different operations linked to the reference contract.
Projects are created based on the products or services included in the contract and they are automatically assigned to the previously designated reference person, so that he/she can plan them independently or with the team he/she coordinates.

In case of an already existing project , the system automatically checks for the presence of a planning.
If it is present, the system automatically relates the new project to the previously created planning; on the contrary, it autonomously creates it.

Experienced Benefits

  • Time saving and quick taking over of projects
  • Reduced errors as cumbersome procedures are carried out automatically by the system
  • Definition of a unique and shared workflow
  • Ease of communication, tracking and exchange of information between the various departments involved
  • Confidence in assigning tasks to the team involved in the project
  • Historicization of information