Farvima success story

An efficient customer service management


Farvima Medicinali works with all the main parties involved in the pharmaceutical supply chain, enhancing their specific roles.
In these changing times Farvima is ready to take on new challenges because it is convinced that distributors must also seek to find new solutions and strategies.
Product assortment, diversified services and guaranteed quality are the mainstays of Farvima’s daily work.
It currently serves over 4200 chemists and owns 12 dispatch warehouses which employ approximately 320 people.


ABOUT vtenext

“vtenext’s excellent flexibility has made it possible to set up an automatic service to welcome new customers, and provide our credit recovery office with a list of frequently late payers.
It has also made it possible to develop customer service activities, thus improving customer management”

The CRM Project

The vertical solution, implemented by our partner Readytec, is used as a company intranet to create a full box of customer information, but also to manage in-house procedures and relations with suppliers.
The main features of the project are:

1) A single information card that gathers all customer information, consequently excluding all volatile information such as emails or oral info and agreements
2) Correct, rapid customer/supplier identification and the opportunity to give a prompt, accurate answer to all queries. The system issues a detailed report after calls on customers, so that sales staff can consult and print out the customer’s account statement directly in the chemist’s shop
3) Generation of newsletters to customers to aid planning targeted e-mail marketing campaigns


  • Work processes are improved by using vtenext as a company information ‘centraliser’
  • Customer related processes are optimized and improved
  • Marketing campaigns are more effective and better targeted
  • Customer service in improved
  • Agents and sales team work activities are organized better