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Why to use a CRM Application

Screen Shot 2015-09-18 at 18.11.57We know that achieving the quality of service and business organization advocated for complete satisfaction and loyalty of customers isn’ t easy, as often in the companies the different business areas (for example marketing and sales) don’t comunicate and don’t cooperate.

Information about customers are often kept only by sellers and aren’ t widely used and shared with management and other companies areas, so sometime it’s difficult to coordinate the processes and strategies of the various equipment business .

To facilitate this , there are so CRM software systems , through which each business area can be monitored and can make a contribution to customer satisfaction.
CRM software allows you to :
Manage and share comprehensive information on customers; in particular you can record addresses , phone numbers, e -mail , the products and services purchased , etc. and share that information with certain figures and business areas . Also graphs and statistics make it fast and clear consultation .
Registering contacts, manage appointments; it is possible to share agendas among different company figures and that must work together and set up meetings and appointments, plan activities and trace the history of the most important contacts

Launching and monitoring commercial activities: trade actions sometimes lose their value if they are not planned and if the data and information collected will not be recorded and categorized in view of future marketing activities (eg sending promotional newsletters sent to contacts collected during a commercial activity). With specific tools it becomes possible to evaluate the effectiveness of the sales force, individual business or certain activities.

Manage orders; especially you can plan them, execute and manage documentation, monitor its progress and integrate them with contacts, sales contracts and other information

Collect and handle requests after-sales; the after sales is sometimes overlooked but vital to maintaining the relationship, it is essential to register and then promptly assign service requests, manage the knowledge base gained from the commercial and check the status of service requests to ensure that they are processed quickly

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