vtenext “Meta Done” the CRM solution for everyone

vte meta done is the innovative service that allows all the companies that are already using one of the most common CRM software, like *Salesforce©, Dynamics©, SugarCRM©, to extend the features to all the areas of the company, to the commercial networks (franchising, affiliates etc), to partners and vendors. The result will be a significat saving on the cost of activation of the different users.

Often, companies can’t extend the CRM logics to all the actors of the valure chain and this is moslty because of the realated costs. The negative conseguences resulting from this decision will affect the entire organization with less cordinated and shared actions and decisions, penalizing in the first place the customers and their satisfaction.

For example spending an annual fee of 1000 euro for a user that ensures a margin of just 2000 euros to the company, is not convenient at all.

For a CRM to be really effective, it must allow the involvement of every actor that contributes to increase the value for our customers.

vte meta done, il CRM è per tutti

In particular, CRM must provide us with a complete and clear picture of all the relationships between us, our network and customer, on what type of dialogue has been established and how relevant information that improve the level of knowledge, intervention and for the creation of relevant processes are collected.
In the reality of facts the opposite often happens. The CRM application is granted to departments, such as assistance and sales, where it is deemed that there is a greater need or the greatest benefits can be drawn, excluding entire areas and limiting their contribution in terms of business improvement.

As if it wasn’t enough, the implementation often occurs in a wrong way because the areas equipped with the CRM solution are often divided between internal and external sales staff (i.e. affiliates etc.).
This penalizes the possibility of implementing a unified strategy and the chance of having a unified vision. A decision that allows this is indeed as illogical as it sound.

But if the budget is limited one sometimes can not make the best decisions.To face those kind of necessities we have created vte meta done.
The principle is very simple. The CRM must be available and used by the entire organization and to all users that work using processes. In this way we want to free the organizations from IT budget constraints that too often limit the freedom of action of the CRM strategies.

How did we manage to do it?
Easy,by combining the most popular CRM solutions with open source solutions that allows to significantly reduce the medium user cost and to grant everyone the possibility to take part on the processes.
The open source solution connects with the systems used by the organization and allows the access and the use of the CRM to all users, crossing transversely the entire organization and linking the various areas.

Technically, the popular CRM solutions, by dialoguing with our open source solutions will receive a larger number of information that will be able to elaborate thanks to their great calculation capability. After all if those solutions are so expansive is important to exploit their potentialities at best. The system will work at full regime and we will obtain a double benefit, by reducing the users average cost and by maximizing the return on investment.

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