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VTE NEXT: from CRM to quality process

VTE NEXT has just been released, the leading CRM OPEN SOURCE ENTERPRISE application in Europe where the CRM functions are integrated within the features of the BPM – Business Process Manager  software.

Milan-London, 03.29.2017. VTECRM announces the release of  VTECRM 16.9, called NEXT, with innovative features and functions that make it a unique solution in Europe in the market for CRM Open Source Enterprise Class. NEXT VTE, in addition to having a new graphical interface for desktops and mobile devices it now also provides advanced management of customer-related business processes, typical of BPM software (Business Process Manager).

To date VTECRM has been chosen by over 15,000 companies, ranging from small companies to large multinationals.

VTE NEXT simplifies and optimizes all processes and operations concerning customer management, especially for complex companies, which need to automate and control these procedures. “Our goal is to provide an advanced solution — says Davide Giarolo, CTO and founding partner of VTE CRM – a solution which coordinates their marketing operations, sales and post sales, digitized and with fluidly, in a unique environment, where the standard of CRM functions are orchestrated by the native BPM engine.  With this noble challenge in mind we created VTE NEXT, a CRM so enriched with features that  it makes VTE NEXT unique in Europe”.

The potential of a CRM software sometimes are not fully exploited within organizations since the procedures are often poorly organized and controlled, as well as the different business areas which do not work in a coordinated manner resulting in less than satifactory implementation. The digitized process management with VTE NEXT solves these problems because it transforms CRM classical logics into a dynamic model PROCESS DRIVEN kind.

The main features of VTE NEXT:

• Process management:  Configure business processes and automate their execution using a simple GUI

• Visual Process Designer: powerful graphical interface for designing any type of process, even the most complicated syntax thereby ensuring compatibility with BPMN 2.0

• Customer Portal: ability to share information with customers via a self-service portal with modern responsive graphics

• Modules: for each module, standard or user defined, there is a customizable dashboard through which users can monitor activities quickly and easily find information

• Kanban board view: You can view the lists according to customizable Lean and Agile grouping criteria

• Graphics: The graphics engine has been renovated and now includes drill down capabilities

• Report: greater flexibility for data extraction and dynamically filtered results through a renewed creation wizard

• Available either in the cloud or on-premise

• Mobile App: New Material Design for the ‘mobile application that introduces a graphics support, processes and wizards



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Davide Giarolo, CTO & Founder VTECRM


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