Manage your business processes at 360 ° in a flexible and personalized way with vtenext

Thanks to vtenext and its business process management engine (BPMN) Bosch Rexroth convered all its business processes, managing the high complexities and automating all the time-consuming activities by constantly monitoring them in order to improve the underlying processes and quickly identifing blocks and bottlenecks.

Company: Bosch Rexroth Italia S.p.a.
Field: Automazione Industriale
Headquarter: Italia
Employees: 201 – 500

The Company

Bosch Rexroth supplies integrated technologies worldwide for the drive and control of mobile operating machines and industrial machinery and systems by developing innovative components, tailored solutions and services.
Changing scenes on the theatre, production lines that automatically adapt to new products lines in the factory of the future, technologies with the power to move slice gates that weight several tons and mobile machines for narrow forest trails or the largest construction sites in the world: creating movement is Bosch Rexroth’s driving force.

The challange

In a company like Bosch Rexroth processes are everything.
In fact, only through dynamic movements and fluid processes, high productivity can be guaranteed in order to ensure that the focus of resources is placed on value-added activities only.
Customer orinteted processes are therefore an essential company asset.
Selection and correct application of the Business Process Re-engineering methods and techniques have a significant impact on both the flexibility to change and on the improvement of the organization. For this reason the IT structure must fully support the business activity.
In 2015 Bosch Rextroth decides to overcome the limitations of the Business Processes Management System already in use by replacing it with something more flexible and above all easier to use, so that it could be adapted faster to the dynamic context of the company.

“Thanks to vtenext and its extreme flexibility and integration speed with other systems not only we manage complex business processes but also ease the user, allowing the possibility to work on a single platform, while eliminating the probability of errors and reducing the time needed for each activity. “
Diana Setaro IT & Business Excellence Manager at Bosch Rexroth

The project

Bosch Rexroth started to use vtenext CRM for the management of projects. In particular, with the support of the partner CRMVillage, work-flows automations were already implemented in the system.

The positive experience led Bosch to challenge CRMVillage to go even further by proposing to integrate a BPMN solution to the then vtenext CRM platform. CRMVillage, instead of integrating a third party solution, decided to develop a native BPMN engine in vtenext.

Various vtenext features led to the success of the project:

  • extreme flexibility and high customization
  • processes implementation speed: 6 months without the Agile Scrum method, 2 months using the method
  • complete transparency of processes
  • rapid process automation with reduced error margins

The implementation of the project required an initial phase of definition of the fundamental pillars for the company. Beta version went live in 2017: in this way it was possible to work on real data to constantly monitor and improve the mapped processes.

Over the years, several processes have been implemented, both regarding sales and administration offices. Here below some of them:

  • Management of discount requests
  • Review of quotation requests
  • Service requests management: safety coordination of the technician who carries out work on machinery based on the nature and place of the intervention, such as calenders or wind turbines
  • Reservation of lunch boxes

Currently the use of vtenext as a process management tool is widespread within Bosch Rexroth: many users arrive in the morning and open vtenext as the first activity of the day.

In addition, the implemented processes cover the company at 360 °, ensuring adaptability and flexibility.

Results and benefits

One of the first benefits is transparency of processes: the company is composed by 9 Business Units, which manage different products and customers. For the cross departments, like the administration one, this is a considerable complexity. When this complexity is coded in the system, it is the process itself that tells the users which data to insert according to the Business Unit.
In this way the responsibility is shifted from the single person to the digitized system which, in fact, has no margin of error. Those are the simplifications and automations that have improved everyday work. Users have in fact understood the added value brought by the adoption of processes allowing their rapid diffusion within the company.
Another benefit is the traceability: before this everything was managed by email, telephone and nobody had data at their disposal to identify problems and to understand where the bottlenecks were and why.
These combined aspects now give the company the ability to constantly monitor performance, to identify any blockages and improvements and, if necessary, to modify the processes quickly as the critical issues emerge.

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