From the perspective of growth and ongoing improvement aimed at increasing customer satisfaction, we will describe below an example of a VTENEXT-based process designed for a customer company.
The company’s main concern was related to difficulties in managing quality assessment of the customer service department, with ensuing significant resource costs and a scarce ability to store objective data needed for statistical analyses and for measuring the quality of actions carried out.

Having examined a technical document outlining the company’s requirements, our dedicated department configured a process to automate and continuously and accurately update the company’s quality assessment system, with specific reference to the successful solving of service tickets received from customers.


In particular, the process analyzes the ticket’s status, checking whether it has been solved or implemented, and sends an email requesting feedback from the customer through a script task.

The flow ends if a reply is received within three days and the evaluation is higher than 3 stars. If a negative evaluation is received (less than 3 stars), before ending the process sends a notification email to the Service Manager Service Desk.

If no customer reply is received within three days, a new reminder is sent. After thirty-six hours, if still no feedback is received, the ticket is closed, assigning the maximum score of 5 stars to the service provided.

Also in this case automation of the process has enabled the customer company to reduce to zero both human and financial resources used for assessment activities, significantly increasing the objectivity of the statistical data needed for solving further critical situations.

Implementation of the process once again shows how organizations can be considered real physical systems capable of connection to networks, and thus quite rightly belonging to the Internet of Things.

With its new BPM engine and the numerous innovative features of the process-driven module available with the new version, VTENEXT fully embraces this new philosophy.