Marketing processes involving brands and affiliated agencies / stores are often complex and sometimes don’t achieve the results hoped for a lack of control on the operation of the agencies or associated stores. This allows you to speed up the process, don’t lose contacts and sales opportunities, and maximize your campaign results. Let’s make a practical example: suppose that a brand in automotive sector develops a newsletter campaign to send to a list of targeted contacts by inviting you to compile a form for a test drive to be done at the closest dealer. Usually the parent doesn’t have control over that stage of the process, risking losing sales opportunities.

Through BPM CRM and the automation of process, it’s possible to overcome these disadvantages. In fact, by activating the process in VTE, the headquarter automatically assigns contacts to a point of sale, if it doesn’t call back within a specified time, the system will automatically send the contact to another dealer.

Moreover, the brand will be able to make estimates about the closure rates of the various affiliates, evaluating business performance and setting up corrective actions such as updating courses for the stores that encounter difficult and sand incentives and awards for the most performing.

With VTENEXT, our innovative CRM solution with BPM functionality comes into play the automation, one of the major benefits of CRM.

Many organizations operating in the most different product sectors are using VTENEXT’s BPM capabilities with satisfaction, they observes:

  • faster and more efficient business processes
  • substantial reduction in human error in the performance of activities
  • speed and ease of learning new procedures
  • more satisfied customers thanks to the reduced response time
  • better communication and exchange of information between different business areas

VTENEXT thanks to its open source nature is also easily integrated with other enterprise software or other CRMs.

For example, it can integrate with traditional CRM solutions that don’t have management of business processes or advanced forms of customer support and marketing activities. Our CRM also deals with most ERP, e-commerce platforms / websites or other existing IT solutions with plug-in available to the user.

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