Process Driven

Effective management of service tickets. Download our process to achieve customer satisfaction.

vtenext - CRM+BPM - IoT Download the Process Download the Process and try the Free or Community Edition Version An efficient after-sales and support service is the main tool for building customer loyalty and maintaining a high level of satisfaction, with important effects on the external perception of a brand. vtenext service tickets are the [...]

Business Process Management automation: licence renewal and software houses

vtenext - CRM-BPM-IoT Solutions At vtenext, we build process-driven solutions to solve critical issues and inefficiencies that hinder corporate growth and may compromise the way end customers perceive a brand. We do this through reliable CRM-BPM IoT solutions that simplify processes, eliminate the occurrence of errors, reduce times and the number of personnel employed, and [...]

Main-process and sub-process driven systems: real help for organizations

When dealing with the topic of Process Driven Systems, you will very likely come across the concepts of human-based versus process-based systems. Based on a superficial interpretation, process-based systems seem to be preferable as they are capable of reaching higher levels of performance without being affected by the unpredictability of events and circumstances. This dichotomy [...]