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Features and functionality

SDK Software Development KIT

SDK CRM The Software Development KIT allows you to develop and extend the application to your liking without affecting the CORE part of the application. In this way, the updating and customization implementation can be maintained over time. The Software Development Kit is a valuable tool to further expand and customize the process-driven solutions designed in vtenext.

Data Import

Data Import CRM It allows to connect through a graphical interface to the company databases to synchronize data at periodic intervals, using appropriate matching keys.

Web Services

Web services CRM They allow access to the vtenext features and data via access tokens.
By entering your ID and the Web Services Key, vtenext will also be accessible through external systems.
The functionality is active for all modules.

Processes Management

Process management CRM It allows the management of processes connected to customers through the use of Workflow, management states and conditional fields.
It is possible to create processes with a logic of progress for states and authorization based on the role covered.

Webform Creation

Webform creation CRM It allows you to create webforms on your website and connect them directly to the CRM for the automatic creation of leads.
The functionality can be customized and extended through the use of the Process Manager. For example, creating a lead can be associated with an action such as sending an email automatically.

New vtenext Features 18

– New vtenext design
– Advanced features for BPMN processes
– New reporting options
– REST webservices configurable from the interface
– Automatic synchronization of targets
– Campaign scheduling through BPMN
– Multiple SMTPs that can be associated with a single account
– New import export functions
– Tracking activities from the app
– New Outlook plugin features
– PHP 7 support

Modules Creation

Modules creation CRM It allows to create customized modules through the interface in order to map the processes not present in the standard vtenext modules.
The Admin user,in this way, has the possibility to customize the application without necessarily having to use the code.
The created modules can be imported and exported with extreme simplicity.

Roles and Profiles Management

Roles and profiles management Through an advanced profiling system, the application allows you to implement your organization chart so that all the viewing rights pre-existing in the organization are respected.

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