The added value of a CRM are marketing campaigns toward the contacts database and the control of their achievement. VTECRM allows to achieve different kinds of campaigns and to segment the recipients.

  • Lists. Accounts, Contacts and/or Leads (prospects) are the recipients of your mass communications. By adding customized fields and filters to extract records (according to keywords such as source, sector, revenue, category, user assignation and any other field) you can get lists of recipients. Segmenting your contacts database is the first step in creating effective campaigns.

  • Target. It is the set of lists intended to receive your campaign: it can contain Leads, Accounts and/or Contacts loaded from filters or selected manually.

  • Campaign. It is the “container” of your marketing activity, directly related to the Target and to the type of campaign to be carried out. In general by the “type” field you can create any kind of Campaign, but there are three types which are more complex, involving other modules.


    • Newsletters. With this module you send customized emails (designed with editor or HTML code) monitoring the unsubscription list, the openings, the clicks, etc. Statistics are available in the Campaign sheet. A calendar of newsletters intended for a certain sector or target could be managed within the same Campaign, while different communications intended for different lists should be organized in multiple Campaigns, each one managed indipendently.

    • Telemarketing. Phone calls campaigns can be managed in a smart way through Telemarketing sheets, customized according the fields you need. The sheets are automatically created and related to each contact in the Target, ready to be filled by the operator.

    • Events. Similarly, you can manage exhibition campaigns (or other events) recording the feedback of the customers met during the event, gathered in a Target.

  • Contact history. As a results of the various campaigns you have carried out, in each Lead, Account and Contact sheet are centralized the information about those campaigns. You will find the Campaigns and Targets in which he/she was involved, the newsletter he/she have received (which opened, which not), the received calls and the events he/she have joined (with related feedback sheet).

Note: Telemarketing and Events module are adding components, absent in the default VTECRM equipment.

Begin immediately to manage these flows, essential for business success, through VTE Community (free, for pc), VTE Cloud (web) or VTE On Site (for local server: Trial 6 month and contact the closest partner).