In today’s increasingly competitive and complex markets, the companies to reach a competitive edge can no longer neglect marketing and communication activities for acquire new customers and make more loyal the existing ones.

VTECRM is the ideal solution for companies that wish to efficiently organize marketing processes without risking lose important information and resources.


Through VTE CRM you will in particular:

  • Profiling users according to their behavior and their typology
  • Create target of customers based on specific clustering criteria and address to them specific campaigns
  • Manage contacts from the web, starting with the sign up in a webform to the creation of a business offer
  • Notify to other business areas the status change (eg switch from prospect to customer)
  • Create campaign progress reports, so you always have ROI under control
  • Better coordinate event activities and suppliers

VTE also has strong collaborative aspects and allows you to connect the various areas of your organization through fast conversations, sharing of documentation and calendar and especially thanks to process automation!

Our solution is ideal for all organizations that have marketing staff in their own and want to equip it with a key tool to increase campaign performance, monitor the results, and get useful information about clients and prospects buying behavior. 

Recent statistics and studies show that any company that wish to emerge in the over-competitive today’s market should implement actions to drive its brand, increase company reputation, acquire new customers and personalize the communication according to the needs of the target!

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The VTECRM staff