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Software CRM for Startups:  why you need one

Startups are the most evolving and changing companies, their goal is to grow a lot and to grow fast, therefore changes and transformations happen daily.

If your work or if you own a Startup, you well know that, and probably you also know that customers play a fundamental role in your business, they are not only a source of income but also a source of precious feedbacks that can allow you to constantly improve your product or service.

Pick the right CRM Software (Customer Relationship Management) for your Startup is an important step in your strategy, the right platform should be able to constantly adapt to the constant changes of your reality with the goal to provide to your customers and potential ones the best Customer Experience possible.

The features to look for in the perfect CRM Software for your Startup

Low Code
Chance to digitize every process without the need to write code
Email, notifications, and events to ease the exchange of information
Not just Marketing and Sales
The CRM should be able to cover every company area in which the customer is involved: projects, customer service and post sales
The right supplier needs to provide the needed technical support to every customer
Customization and automation
Possibility to quickly customize the user interface according to the company needs
The CRM should easily integrate with the other software used (eg. CRMs, ERPs, Email etc.)
Mobile App
People should be able to always access information, data, and processes everywhere they go
The software should easily grow or shrink to meet the changings of the Startup

Why vtenext is the best CRM for Startups

Marketing GDPR Processes

Lead Management and Marketing Campaigns

As you may know, the launch of a product or service for a Startup is both an important and a delicate moment, plan a launch too soon, too late or when your target audience is not interested could be a very big problem.

Thanks to vtenext campaign module you will be able to communicate with your audience on time, keep track of your performance sending customized communications: newsletters, DEM, SMS, and Telemarketing.

Plus you will be able to collect leads from different sources, identifying the best one and managing every contact in the shortest time possible. The BPM module allows you to easily draw and automate your own flow, ensuring the took in charge of every potential.

Sales Pipeline

Monitor every stage of your Sales Pipeline, from to first call until the business opportunity, with vtenext Kanban view you’ll be able to update the stage of every deal in just a click.

Furthermore, with the Mobile App you’ll be able to continue your work accessing your customer data, monitoring the work of your team and scheduling appointments everywhere your go.

Keep an eye on your projects, identifying bottlenecks, and customizing vtenext Home Page with always updated charts and reports.

Sales Processes

Join the 1.000 + companies that use vtenext every day:

Customer Service Process

Post Sales and Customer Service

In long terms, even the best Marketing strategy could be useless if a company doesn’t focus also on a strategy to retain the acquired customers. Especially the early customers, for a Startup, are very precious because they can be a source of accurate feedbacks that can be used to improve the product or service offered.

With vtenext managing projects, provide an accurate customer service on different channels, create customized communications and working an cross and up selling activities will be easy and intuitive thanks to its dedicated modules.

Automate every process is just a click

Often one of the things that a Startup lacks is time: changes happen every day, the resources are limited, and the growth has to be rapid in order to achieve the business goals.

Many are the repetitive tasks that can easily be forgotten, especially in a fast evolving environment: users can forget to schedule a follow up event for an open opportunity, a question made by a potential customer may be left hanging due to a gap in the workflow or a customer service request could fall in a black hole due to inconsistent business processes.

With the help of vtenext Business Process Management module digitize, review, and automate your processes is easy and intuitive: Marketing, Sales, Post Sales, Customer Service and many more!

Business Processes

100 + integrations with your favourite apps:

inetgrazioni vtenext

CRM for Startups: here are some examples of business processes

Pick a software that has the right scalability and adaptability is essential for a Startup to grow. With vtenext you can draw, automate, and update each business process in few clicks, some examples?

  • Lead Management and Assignment: lead source mapping, cross team management and short response times. Scheduled reminders for the lead contact and the first appointment planning. Leads, which are not interested, are going to be archived and the interested ones are going to be reported to the right business areas.
  • Customer File: when a lead is converted, the process supports the user to fill correctly the file through predetermined standards (ex. lead source, requested product, etc.).
  • Prizes Definition: monthly budget definition for each user / business area monitored through reports. Threshold definition with alerts for the goals achievement.
  • Parley Management: scheduled reminders related to the parley, with calendar events, automatic emails to the customer to remind him the expiring date of the quotation and alerts to the supervisor if the management becomes too slow.
  • Automatic customized emails with variables as the birthday date.
  • Email funnels creation to engage leads and prospect.
  • Automated management of telemarketing campaigns.
  • Lead management following the GDPR.
  • Request receiving and ticket management: multichannel centralized requests management with response time monitoring and notifications to update the customer about the ticket status.
  • Intervention Assignment: Automatic intervention assignment and sorting based on user’s competences and product / service. Calendar event planning and automatic message to the customer with the foreseen resolution date.
  • Intervention Report: Interventions register with reports issued to individuals, signature for the customer acceptance and automatic email when the intervention will be completed. Notification to administration for the hours curtailment to the customer.
  • Warranty Management: sold product’s warranty management, internal and external notification system. Guarantee validity check and assistance options management. Automatic estimation system to extend warranties with warnings related to tickets / intervention covered or not.
  • Testing and Test Reports: new products delivery register with installation planning and test checklist. Intervention report to customer, administration and automatic result sending to the supplier.
  • Tracked complaints management and business areas coordination.
  • HR requests management, such as sick days, holidays, smart working requests.
  • Work shifts organization and planning.
  • Creation and filling of daily presences with reminders.
  • Training courses organization and competence tracking for each collaborator.
  • Risk Classification: checklist mapping for internal audits, with non-compliance notification to assigned users and timing to solve the problem.
  • Evacuation tests: calendar events with invites to assigned users, results report and list of critical points to be improved.
  • Annual inspection: simple internal audit execution with activity reminder, non-compliance register with corrective action and deadlines.
  • Suppliers’ invoices verification: invoices monitoring with emitted purchase orders, referents authorization request for products / services.
  • Automatic contract renewal: products / services clusterization with automatic contract renewal predisposition based on timing defined. Deadlines management with internal and external reminders.
  • Automatic update of the new contract expiration date and reminder to the administration for the invoice and order creation.
  • Payments and Credit Notes Approval: Management of internal communications between sales area and administration about payment and credit notes status. Activity tracking and management reminders.

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