Open Source

Case Study: Basilicata Region

How to digitize the Public Sector improving the Customer Service through vtenext Basilicata Region, with our partner Cooperativa EDP La Traccia’s support, has been able to digitize and automate, through vtenext, the technical assistance ticketing process, the GDPR management and the periodical communications sending, increasing the customer and employees satisfaction, creating also a unique and [...]

Case Study: QFORT S.R.L. – Mikaline

Centralize all the information about each one of your Business Units through vtenext! Born in Romania and “built to last”, QFORT serves the European market, in particular Romania, Italy, France, Austria, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland and the Canadian market. It is a solid company, with the aim of offering its customers sustainable, lasting and high-quality products [...]

Case Study: Corex S.p.A.

Automation with vtenext: from the first contact to the complaint management Corex S.p.A. managed to reduce the margin of error speeding up at the same time its internal procedures and facilitating the share and access to information thanks to the winning project of digitizing the business processes regarding the customers, from the first contact to [...]

Manage your Internal Customer: take your CRM to another level

How to manage at best your Internal Customer using a Holistic CRM approach The word is changing at the speed of light: knowing how to innovate and improve is the only way to survive. Moreover, the Covid-19 has twisted the way companies work. On one hand, the necessity of creating long lasting relationships with the [...]