For us at vtenext, the continuous evolution of our network is as important as the evolution of the relationship with our partners and resellers. Because of this, we decided to interview some of our resellers and partners, to learn about the implemented projects in detail, and to give our Network a voice.

In this interview with Daniele Cavallini, CEO at CP S.p.A., we talked about their experience within vtenext’s Network in detail, and in particular, as proof of vtenext flexibility and scalability, about a successful CRM project implemented in a company that produces industrial and agricultural prefabricated buildings. CP S.p.A. can guide each kind of company through its processes digitalization path, from the planning to the implementation.

1. Hi Daniele, can you tell us what your company is all about? How long have you been in the vtenext Network?

CP, born as CP Software, has been active since 1996 and, since the beginning, we have set up two internal departments: the first specialized in ERP and departmental solutions focused on manufacturer enterprises. The second one designs tailor made software solutions to meet the needs of medium and large companies. Over the years we have improved our offer with additional services related to logistics, advanced management control and Customer Relationship Management. For this reason we became vtenext’s official reseller in 2015.

In 2017 we created a new business unit, named CP Consultant, with the aim to support our customers during the process of digitizing their workflows with our qualified consultants and analysts. 

What encourages us to improve our offer each day is the will to be the best partner to all entrepreneurs that want to digitize and automate their processes.

2. What were the main reasons behind the choice of partnering up with vtenext?

I can call it a natural evolution: during the years we have implemented Vtiger in a group of foreign companies that we previously founded, a group that employed about 1,700 people. After we sold the group, with the exclusion of the head company, CP, we considered the opportunity to use vtenext internally and to implement it for our customer’s projects since it is the natural evolution of the previous CRM experience.

3. What are the features of vtenext that you appreciate the most?

The platform is complete and appreciated by our clients, but I have to say that, in my opinion, the winning feature is the business process management engine. It allows the design, in an intuitive way through a graphic interface, of every kind of business process in order to create automated procedures which are easily adaptable, scalable and reusable.

4. What industries do your customers belong to? On average, how many employees do they have?

80% of our customers are micro, small and medium-sized manufacturing companies of different industries based in the Italian regions of Emilia and Lombardia: automotive, engineering, metalworking, plastic, chemical, food, plant engineering, electronics etc.

It is difficult to define the average company size since we work with small family businesses, but also with multinational companies with thousands of employees. Probably a large majority has between 20 and 60 employees.

5. Could you tell us about a vtenext project you implemented that you are particularly proud of?

Of course. Among the various projects implemented with vtenext, in my opinion, one of the most relevant is the process digitization of an historical company that builds prefabricated industrial and agricultural buildings.
Before this project only administration and engineering were digitized in the business. Thanks to vtenext and the strategic changes brought by the third generation of entrepreneurs in the company, many new areas have been digitized and automated: from sales to procurement and many more. 

Not only the processes, but also both internal and external communication and exchange of data have benefited from the implementation of this project. In fact they were able to scan, digitize and collect in a single database all the relevant information regarding the various products and their history in order to easily share them among the company and also with the customers.

Last but not least, time was a relevant part of this adventure too: in just three months the people in charge of promoting the project in the company were able to use and to teach the others how to use the software by themself.

6. Do you have any social channels where to follow you?

We don’t often use our social media much, we have our accounts, but we don’t post very often. Of course if you want you can find us on LinkedIn and Facebook.

Our Network is continuously evolving, contact us to find out how to join and discover the benefits!