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 Mailchimp CRM Integration

Plugin for Mailchimp CRMA module used for two-way connections between vtenext and the newsletter platform.
The addressee list created in vtenext and comprising leads, companies and contacts, is sent to Mailchimp, which handles email template generation and newsletter dispatch.

Some of the plugin functions:
Uploading Mailchimp lists
Creating static segments of the Mailchimp list, based on the vtenext set target
Synchronising Mailchimp campaigns on vtenext
Synchronising Mailchimp campaign statistics on vtenext
Connecting target to campaign

Plugin for Exchange

Plugin for Exchange CRMA module that synchronises calendar and contacts between vtenext and Microsoft Exchange.
This means that appointments and address book are constantly updated on both servers.
Two-way synchronising is in real time.

Sync G-Calendar

gcalendarSync G-Calendar is an additional vte function that allows to synchronize Google Calendar and vtenext.
In other words, you will always have the appointments reported on both servers. The synchronization is bidirectional and in real time.


zimbraZimbra Sync is an additional vtenext function that allows to synchronize Zimbra with vtenext.
In other words, you will always have the appointments reported on both servers. The synchronization is bidirectional and in real time.


MexelMexal is composed of software modules which manage the synchronization between the two applications.
• updates of customers,
• suppliers and articles from Mexal,
• Implementation of the vtenext payment method table and synchronization with the corresponding Mexal table,
• Statistical categories Cli / For / Articles in vtenext and synchronization with the corresponding Mexal tables,
• Loading invoice data on vtenext from Mexal,
• manually controlled transfer of customer orders (sales orders) created in vtenext to Mexal,
• Automatic customer order coding in Mexal,
• synchronization of vtenext Contacts with Mexal Referents


MeganewsThe vtenext Magnews connector allows the bidirectional synchronization of lists, campaigns, newsletters between Magnews and vtenext.

Plugin for AD HOC

 Plugin for AD HOC CRMThis module is used to synchronise companies, contacts, products, services, correlated tables and orders between vtenext and Zucchetti’s AdHoc Revolution.
AdHoc customers (Accounts), AdHoc references (Contacts), branches, terms of payment, customer banks, services and orders are all synchronised.
The plugin provides vtenext modules: Banks, Terms of Payment, Our Banks and Branches.

Active Sync

The Active Sync allows to synchronize the calendar and the contacts from vtenext to mobile devices. The synchronization is in real time and bidirectional, and its done by setting a new Exchange account linked to the CRM user.
– Compatibility with all mobile devices (e.g. Iphone, Ipad, and Android) that support the Exchange ActiveSync (AES) protocol;
– vtenext must be published on internet


wildixThe plug in allows to use the Wildix software directly in vtenext improving the communications.

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