Logika software has been working in the IT field for 30 years, in particular, it supplies sales and support for ERP management software, it’s an official Zucchetti partner and reseller for Mago4, for electronic invoice solutions, for e-commerce software and for CRM, with vtenext. It also offers consultancy on the digitalization of business processes. They have three headquarters: one in Milan, one in Pordenone and one in Mestre.

With the pandemic and the 2020 forced lockdown, they had to readapt their internal processes allowing the various member of the team the possibility to work remotely. We had a chat with Alberto Saccardo, CEO of Milan’s headquarter, that explained us their journey and how vtenext helped in the process.

1. Which difficulties did you encounter from the moment you had the necessity of smart working?

As most Italian companies, we suddenly found ourselves constrained to work remotely and coordinate the activities of 30 people spread all over the country and it wasn’t easy at first. With the transition to online, communication was harder, the “spontaneous” flow of information that characterized working in person was interrupted roughly. As a consequence, the workflows got longer and the interchange of information which was essential to proceed with the work and satisfy the customers’ needs required considerable effort. These were all factors which, at first, impacted negatively on the company’s efficiency.

2. In what ways were you able to overcome those difficulties?

The first step was that of identifying a method for sharing and historicizing all the information easily and simultaneously. We immediately realized that the super common emails, messaging programs and external project management apps didn’t really work for us, because they were quite valuable when taken singularly, but generated fragmentations and a high risk of data loss when it came to “connecting the dots”.

We were already internally using vtenext as CRM system, since we also were resellers, but the peculiar situation of 2020 gave us an opportunity to deepen our knowledge about it, by using in our favour some functions, which are perfect for boosting smart working.

Especially during the first times, we held weekly calls with the heads of each department, during which we identified those functions, by studying their application and promoting the diffusion among all users. We set clear goals and were able to reach them by following a guided step-by-step logic: elimination of internal e-mails exchange, use of vtenext as unique collector of internal information and files, punctual data historicization, introduction of an agile work logic and automation of some repetitive tasks.

3. Which are the functions of vtenext that helped you?

If I had to mention two vtenext characteristics that walked us through this journey I’d indeed name the internal chat and the possibility to relate the mail to internally used modules such as orders and planning. In this way the information is collected in a unique database, it is historicized and easily shareable, breaking down the communication barriers created by physical distance and furthermore eliminating those habits and procedures, such as the use of various communication networks (email, Whatsapp), that can lead to a loss of data.

Of equal importance was the possibility to digitaze and automate the business processes (with the BPMN), which allowed us to draw clear and shared workflows.

4. Were you able to automate or digitize any critical process?

We further developed the synchronization with our ERP Mago, and this enabled us to automate the order fulfilment process and the general management of orders/management of the technicians’ appointments, which we were already intentioned to implement, but the lockdown helped.

Teleworking wasn’t an obstacle to implementation at all, or better still, the users were more willing to accept this kind of logic, in that it made their daily tasks clear and defined. It was surely realized gradually and with a “step by step” logic, giving everybody the time to adapt.

5. Which are the benefits that you perceived with this new working methodology and with the use of a vtenext solution?

Greater speed of internal and external information exchange, timelier historicization and better resource coordination. As far as our Milan headquarters concerns, it enabled us to easily spend most of 2020 by smart working, both during the first and the second lockdown.

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