Customers acquisition channels are several and VTECRM allows to manage them in a centralized and effective way, through a series of included tool. Let’s see an overview of the possibilities offered by VTECRM.

The Leads module collects the potential customers: you can consider it as a drawer full of business cards. The leads come from both manual and automatic channels:

  • websites: the registration form on the website generates a partially profiled lead in VTE, which includes the body of the possible contact request. The inbound lead is notificated in real-time by the sistem to the CRM users;

  • subscription to events: through a webform, participants to an event become leads in VTE and are part of the event list;

  • email account: emails received in the “info” account are converted in CRM tickets and related to the sender lead (only relating if already in the system, or creating a new one);

  • private emails: through shortway buttons, an incoming email can generates a new lead and be archived in the customer sheet;

  • external lists and spreadsheet: massive import from csv file or database, also schedulable.

acquisizione2Next steps are:

  • conversion: leads must be converted in Accounts and/or Contacts before starting the negotiation;

  • customers profiling and segmentation: you can edit the customer sheets adding customized fields (text, number, picklist, date), using them as filers to get lists of customers to work on;

  • marketing: lists of leads, accounts and contacts are the basis of marketing activities such as telephone campaigns or newsletter.

Begin immediately to manage these flows, essential for business success, through VTE Community (free, for pc), VTE Cloud (web) or VTE On Site (for local server: Trial 6 month and contact the closest partner).