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We are happy to officially announce the collaboration with two new foreign overseas partners: Exergy Energy LLC based in U.S.A. and Odin based in Mexico City.

We had the chance to interview the people in charge of the project: David March for Exergy Energy and Francisco Hernandez for Odin. Let’s get to know them better!


Exergy Energy is a software company that specializes in applying machine learning and artificial intelligence to automate complex operations and to seamlessly integrate those activities into a complete business management infrastructure powered by vtenext. Exergy focuses on applying IoT, AI and BPM to manage and control renewable energy, batteries and generators across the electricity grid for the benefit of its subscribing customers and to help manage the impacts of renewable intermittent generation

  1. Hello David, tell us about your yourself and experience in the CRM world

I have had the opportunity and honour of being the head of Sales and Marketing for a number of companies. During that time, I have implemented CRM 6 times. I have implemented the best-known systems as well as some less notable products. My philosophy was always that the CRM should be a tool to help the sales person, to make their life easier and to guide them and support them in managing more potentials and to close more sales. Unfortunately, most CRM’s are implemented by executive management with a philosophy of monitoring and watching sales such that the system becomes time consuming, unproductive and burdensome for the sales person.

I choose vtenext because its architecture allows me to easily automate processes that provide the sales person more time to engage with customers and to support the sales person with additional insight, materials and reporting.  Nothing is more important than a customer and therefore the CRM should be the focal point of all corporate systems.

  1. How you had to chance to know vtenext and why did you decided to become partner?

There were two factors which converged into our standardizing on vtenext. First, my management team is dedicated to process automation. We had evaluated and tried a number of business process automation products and had implement two. My company is also very supportive of open source software and we typically go to open source repositories when we need something new.

What struck me as totally brilliant was how a business process automation engine was built into a CRM supporting standard Business Process Management Notation, with all of the object properties and methods integrated into the BPM and even the custom objects I created were exposed in the BPM. This allows us to automate processes that we never thought would be possible.

This is why Exergy decided to become a partner of vtenext. We want to help other companies succeed the way that vtenext has helped us succeed.

  1. How are your plans for the future with vtenext?

We have built our company on top of vtenext and because businesses must continuously adapt and evolve, we expect to constantly create new automated business processes and integrations with vtenext that we want to share them with the community. Continuous improvement and productivity are the key to competitive success and we want to help all vtenext customers and partners to enjoy the greatest level of success.


Odin Inteligencia Comercial, is based in Mexico City, we had the chance to speak with the CEO Francisco Hernandez.

Francisco has more than 30 years of experience in Information Technology with a focus on optimizing business digital infrastructure processes. For the last 15 years, Mr. Hernandez has implemented more than two hundred CRMs projects for companies of different sizes in Mexico, Colombia and Spain and more than 400 extensions and customizations.

  1. How is structured the CRM market in a developing country like yours?

Micro and small companies usually don’t have a CRM but this does not mean that they don’t need it; the potential of the market in huge, the only problem is the idea that companies have towards the Information Technology. Since there are no formal means of learning people still believe that it is a world only for programmers but this is wrong, they need to understand that the right tool can make them sell more, faster and better.

For medium-sized companies the story is a bit different, the use of CRM is more popular, unfortunately there is not always a strategic vision and this leads to lack of result and loss of faith on the project itself. This summed up with low IT training in the commercial team and the fear of using the tool makes it difficult for the CRM to actually work. Managers need the switch their vision and understand that “CRM” is not only a tool but also a strategic approach that can help everyone employees, executives and of course the customers.

  1. How are your plans for the future with vtenext?

We intend to target the Small and Medium-sized market (SME): starting from vtenext business version and adapting it to the particular requests of our market by adding additional and specific features for the Latin American market. Furthermore we want to implement some mechanisms that allow and facilitate the transfer of knowledge with the aim to make vtenext the leading hybrid CRM + BPM in the market and in the meantime help companies to increment their productivity and added value.

We want vtenext to be present in every country where Spanish is spoken.

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