Smart working: how processes can support sales management

Smart working has become critical in these coronavirus emergency weeks. To maintain safety, reduce contagion and continue working, we are all working “smart”, mostly from home.

Digital technologies play an essential role in facilitating and making possible new ways of working and are a fundamental driver of smart working. In fact, digital allows you to expand and virtualize your workspace, creating one in which communication, collaboration and socialization are independent from times and places.

Among digital technologies, CRM is undoubtedly a useful platform in these difficult moments not only to manage customers but also to keep the company cohesive. Thanks to a CRM solution, contacts, customers, documents and sales opportunities are available in cloud allowing everyone to work from home on the same data and on a single shared work environment.
In addition, business processes, projects and opportunities follow-ups can go on as if nothing has changed. After all, if people work remotely and do not share the same procedures, how can they correctly manage their activities? If they don’t have a tool that directs and guides them correctly, how can they work in a coordinated way?

Vtenext is much more than a commmon CRM: it incorporates a BPMN engine that allows you to speed up and simplify the management of business processes. It is therefore possible to implement and automate processes in a simple way: all you have to do is draw the process, assign rules and actions to the different tasks and users, test it and put it into action.

Especially because of the importance that a CRM software with BPMN engine has at this moment, we have decided to explore some vtenext functions and processes that can ease remote work.

In this article we will talk about the processes related to sales and commercial management.


Manage leads and sales remotely with vtenext

vtenext platform allows you to manage various processes related to the sales department, with particular attention to customer acquisition and loyalty, without dwithout dispersing any relevant information. Planning and implementing all the necessary strategies for the acquisition and retention of customers becomes extremely simple through a single environment in which is possible to manage marketing, sales and after-sales operations, in a digitalized and fluid way, especially when working remotely.

In a moment like the present one, without constant contact with customers and potential ones, the risks for the business are clear and evident.

How vtenext supports smart working?

Vtenext supports smart working through its platform which allows you to:

  1. map and automate the company’s internal processes in a simple and quick way
  2. trace all information making it accessible to all users in an immediate and fast way
  3. operate in a single working environment on which all users access and interact with each other
  4. easily access: vtenext is a web solution, to be operational you only need an internet connection, without VPN or other special configurations.


Mappable and remotely manageable processes

1. By implementing processes to support sales activities, it is possible to:

    • check all the details of potential customers and assign them to the salespeople in charge, with automatic alerts that will allow the sales manager to verify their correct handling in a predefined time window
    • manage activities with leads through the calendar module: in this way the daily activities will be shared virtually with the whole team in real time
    • decrease the time and activities needed to manage new contacts: once defined, the process itself assigns the new contact to the team in charge, without the need for an intermediate step
    • being sure that your collaborators have “worked” on the leads, without having to continually check the lists or ask for information in person, with the risk of oversights and errors: the system will precisely verify independently and notify any discrepancies
    • define a clear and shared procedure to be followed by the whole team: through the implementation of a process it is possible to define a standard path that all users will followed, even remotely.

2. Sampling: usually the creation by the technical department of offers based on particular requests requires an exchange of significant informations and the involvement of various departments (such as administrative, R&D, sales and so on). This activity can be critical not having the possibility to exchange personally the information needed.
By implementing a sampling management process, it will be possible to share all information instantly with all the subjects involved, facilitating the exchange of specifications and giving the managers of each area the possibility to be constantly updated on the progress of the request, avoiding rebounds from an office to the other.

3. Quotation and commercial and technical approvals: the connected processes allow to automatically authorize the commercial negotiations by the superiors, promptly managing requests from sellers, branches or partners. Una volta inserita la richiesta con le specifiche necessarie all’interno di vtenext verrà inviata una notifica al responsabile che potrà valutarla e approvarla o meno con un click.

Vtenext also features many collaboration tools, internal messaging, company chat and the Project Management module that allows the possibility to schedule and plan team activities.

Following recent events, we have decided to make our platform available for free until 30 June.

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