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Draw up your processes with vtenext’s Process Manager. With the simple, user-friendly graphic editor you do not need special technical or IT skills to implement your processes.
vtenext offers the full potential of a BPM engine for the creation of Processes.

vtenext is the advanced Open Source Enterprise solution with CRM and BPM functions.
BPMN (Business Process Management) software is used to speed up and simplify the management of corporate processes. Given the increased number of devices connected to the Internet and data produced, today BPMN software proves to be an efficient tool to be used in combination with a CRM system for implementing fast, efficient actions aimed at achieving customer satisfaction. vtenext Open Source Enterprise is the best CRM solution which combines CRM functions with those of a BPM software.

In addition to the CRM functions, it is also possible to implement processes and automate them in a simple way with the user-friendly editor of our ‘Process Manager’ module.
Simply draw up the process, assign rules and actions to the various tasks, test it and enjoy the result.
In just a few steps you can automate processes and so reduce lead times, costs and errors.

Plan and implement all the strategies required for acquiring and retaining customers from a single environment where you can manage your marketing, sales and after-sales operations in a smooth, digitalized way.
Enjoy the advantages in terms of reduced costs and resources and fewer errors.


With the BPM ENGINE corporate processes can be mapped and managed through tasks assigned to authorized users.

Our most advanced CRM solution offers the following benefits:

–  significant reduction of human errors during procedure execution
–  increased execution speed
–  definite, standardised execution of corporate procedures
–  identification of possible bottlenecks within the organization; less time needed for learning the procedures

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