The case history that we present later concerns a personalization realized by a software house partners of vtecrm in order to improve customer service of companies operating in the service industry.

Specifically, the solution allows:

  • collect customer requests that come from the reserved area of a website or by telephone and store them inside of the CRM so that you can easily take them in charge, consult and share them
  • manage tickets in advanced way , assigning tasks to the different areas of the company and taking easy track for the tasks performed
  • share in real-time with customers documentation and reports of the assistance intervention
  • communicate more quickly and completely with customers and the stakeholders

This implementation has been used with satisfaction by different companies and organizations , who have returned the following feedback :

  • First there was an improvement of the internal communications , with greater responsiveness to the customer . This led to a more satisfaction of them.
  • In many cases they were eliminated paper documents and forms , and the necessity of sending by mail. Through vtecrm infact , documents can be shared by the reserved area of the site or directly by email.
  • This allows you to speed up communication , save time and costs and eliminate the need to store documents in physical folders . the internal organization has also been improved as the tickets are collected , classified and sorted quickly and keeping track in the crm of the documentation

As we have already pointed out, the improvement of the quality of customer service is reflected very positively on customer satisfaction which receives a customized treatment and attention to their needs .
Customer satisfaction is at the heart of business success because satisfied customers are more loyal to our company , generate positive word of mouth and are likely to pay a higher price for our services !