CRM Marketing

In this article we will talk about a BPM solution fit for all those companies whose commercial structure is composed by a network of partner and reseller spread all over the territory and adopt inbound marketing solutions to attract new potential customers.

Inbound marketing for a company is not easy as it requires great efforts to create and spread quality content and material that meets customers requirements.
A company is motivated to do so beacuse it results in the possibility to attract new leads and to turn them in new customers and promoters by using the webform on their company website, call to action, mail converter processes and CRM marketing solutions.

CRM Marketing
Inbound Marketing Steps

Therefore, in order to compensate all the investments made, the adoption of efficient tools aimed at managing new leads at best and capable of giving prompt, inherent and complete answers is a matter of primary necessity.

Once more we face the necessity and the possibility to create a new BPM process designed for people and organizations (see article), that allows the optimisation of workflows making them standard and replicable in time.

The main goals of the process are the following:

  • decrease of time and activities needed to manage new records;
  • ability to check if the lead has been taken care by a staff member without keep checking lists with the risk of making mistakes;
  • assign the leads to partners following meritocratic/logistic criteria in order to increase the efficiency;
  • chance of further automatization of the lead allocation process to partners;
  • improve communication and cooperation with partners;
  • chance to improve products/services offerings to potential and actual customer with the result of increasing customer satisfaction;
  • compensation of marketing investments.

Lead management processThanks to a set of tasks, the process illustrated below allows the user to implement a first automatization on leads, it allows to differentiate between generic email addresses (e.g. yahoo, gmail, libero..), usually linked to private individuals and small companies, from the ones linked to bigger companies. As regards spams the process automatically closes.

CRM Marketing
First email assignment

n this way an automatic email will be sent to those leads having generic emails, the communication will contain product clarifications and contacts of the person in charge.

On the contrary, a notification will be sent to the sales manager every time a lead contains an email linked to bigger companies. It then will be reassigned by the manager to a Partner or Master Parter following geographical or meritocratic criterias.

The process ends when a lead gets reassigned.

In the event that the new record won’t be managed in two days, and until it will, the process restarts by reassigning it to the sales manager.
As an alternative it can be automatically reassigned to a Parter or Master Partner.

Thanks to vtenext’s process manager intuitivness is possible to further expand and adjust the process. For example, if the workload for the sales manager gets too intensive, the process could directly assign the lead to one of the collaborators in order to close the assignment cycle.
Doing so the sales manager is updated anyway on the lead status, as the process sends notifications until it’s closed.

The use of the process illustrated above mixed with a prompt action by the sales department and the imbound marketing opertations allows the company to give puntual and accurate answers and solutions to customer and potential ones.

All this rapresents a big competitive advantage on competitors and a good business card that allows to persuit a servitization strategy in which the product is just a small part of what a company is able to sell.

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