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Every day we create new solutions to safeguard companies from critical situations that can have an impact on productivity and on customer satisfaction in general.

Imagine a lead that contacts a company and is simply ignored.

No doubt it will go elsewhere, and for sure it will not speak highly of that company with other potential customers.

Yet errors of this type are quite frequent and often detrimental to companies that believe and invest a lot in customer satisfaction, but nonetheless encounter many problems with their internal organizational processes.

In the case described above, a process-driven solution implemented with vtenext (download the file) protects companies operating in different areas from such high risk, providing valuable support.

The process begins with the creation of a lead, either manually or generated by a filled in web form.
The Sales Manager (who in this case is the CRM administrator) receives an info popup about the creation of the lead, and can choose whether to modify the assignee or leave it unchanged.
In both cases, after a check, an email is sent to the new assignee or to the same Sales Manager (administrator).
The process checks the lead’s status. If the lead has been contacted, the process ends, otherwise a popup alerts the administrator, providing updated information about the situation.
The lead’s status is checked again, then the process ends.

example of graphs in vtenext

With this simple vtenext solution, the Sales Manager is constantly updated on the lead situation and can rely on a process that leaves no room for errors or omissions.
Management of contacted leads can be scheduled and allocated to the various Sales Department employees. Response times are reduced, and communication becomes more effective.
At this point the lead could become the company’s best customer.

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