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BPM Software, what is it?

A BPM Software, or Business Process Management, is a technologic business platform, which allows you to map, digitize and monitor simple and complex business processes in order to improve constantly your company’s organization.

A BPM approach allows defining the activities that make up each workflow, connecting and assigning the right tasks to every user involved. The process automation also allows collaborators to focus on more special cases or activities with a high-value added.

Which features might a BPM Software have?

Low Code
Possibility to digitize processes fastly without coding
Notifications and reminders to users in order to guide them through the process
Possibility to check the whole process, finding out bottlenecks and identifying the following steps
User Interface and permissions customizable
Integrability with the main business software in order to draw on data. (ex. CRM, ERP, etc.)
Mobile App
Information, data and processes must be always available, also when users are moving

BPM Software’s Benefits

Benefits of implementing a BPM software are several; every process can be mapped and monitored in real time, with the possibility to adapt it fastly at any time.

Each workflow is divided in tasks and shared, users, in this way, are more involved and can check any time the workflow state.

The integration between the different software used, allows to get updated data and promotes the information interchange within the organization, breaking down the silos.

In the end, the redundant tasks automation allows to save time and resources, to invest more in high-value added activities in order to reach easily the business goals and to answer effectively and efficiently to customers’ requests.

BPM Software

BPM Processes Examples

A platform, which allows Business Processes automation and digitization, is extremely adaptable to each kind of process. Over the years, we, at VTENEXT, helped our clients of any size and in any industry, to manage effectively their critical and non-critical processes through our BPM Software. Here you will find some examples:

  • Lead Management and Assignment: lead source mapping, cross team management and short response times. Scheduled reminders for the lead contact and the first appointment planning. Leads, which are not interested, are going to be archived and the interested ones are going to be reported to the right business areas.
  • Customer File: when a lead is converted, the process supports the user to fill correctly the file through predetermined standards (ex. lead source, requested product, etc.).
  • Prizes Definition: monthly budget definition for each user / business area monitored through reports. Threshold definition with alerts for the goals achievement.
  • Parley Management: scheduled reminders related to the parley, with calendar events, automatic emails to the customer to remind him the expiring date of the quotation and alerts to the supervisor if the management becomes too slow.
  • Automatic customized emails with variables as the birthday date.
  • Email funnels creation to engage leads and prospect.
  • Automated management of telemarketing campaigns.
  • Lead management following the GDPR.
  • Request receiving and ticket management: multichannel centralized requests management with response time monitoring and notifications to update the customer about the ticket status.
  • Intervention assignment: Automatic intervention assignment and sorting based on user’s competences and product / service. Calendar event planning and automatic message to the customer with the foreseen resolution date.
  • Intervention Report: Interventions register with reports issued to individuals, signature for the customer acceptance and automatic email when the intervention will be completed. Notification to administration for the hours curtailment to the customer.
  • Warranty Management: sold product’s warranty management, internal and external notification system. Guarantee validity check and assistance options management. Automatic estimation system to extend warranties with warnings related to tickets / intervention covered or not.
  • Testing and Test Reports: new products delivery register with installation planning and test checklist. Intervention report to customer, administration and automatic result sending to the supplier.
  • Tracked complaints management and business areas coordination.
  • HR requests management, such as sick days, holidays, smart working requests.
  • Work shifts organization and planning
  • Creation and filling of daily presences with reminders
  • Training courses organization and competence tracking for each collaborator
  • Risk Classification: checklist mapping for internal audits, with non-compliance notification to assigned users and timing to solve the problem.
  • Evacuation tests: calendar events with invites to assigned users, results report and list of critical points to be improved.
  • Annual inspection: simple internal audit execution with activity reminder, non-compliance register with corrective action and deadlines.
  • Suppliers’ invoices verification: invoices monitoring with emitted purchase orders, referents authorization request for products / services.
  • Automatic contract renewal: products / services clusterization with automatic contract renewal predisposition based on timing defined. Deadlines management with internal and external reminders.
  • Automatic update of the new contract expiration date and reminder to the administration for the invoice and order creation.
  • Payments and Credit Notes Approval: Management of internal communications between sales area and administration about payment and credit notes status. Activity tracking and management reminders.

More than the 80% of business processes can be automated and digitized through vtenext

“Thanks to vtenext, its extreme adaptability and its integrability with other systems we are able to manage complex business processes and to make our user’s life easy, allowing them to work using a single platform, reducing the possibility of error and speeding up each activity”
Diana Setaro IT & Business Excellence Manager at Bosch Rexroth

More than 1.000 companies use vtenext everyday, including:

vtenext, the first Italian Open Source

BPM Software

Software BPM

Italian Business Process Management

vtenext is an Italian project, started more than 10 years ago by a team composed by developers, trainers and consultants.

Cloud or On-premise

vtenext is available on Cloud, managed by us and reachable through a browser, or On-premise, setting up servers within your company.

BPMN Language

vtenext uses the international standard BPMN language in order to make the processes possible to be understood by every figure involved: analysts, developers and managers.

Open Source

The Open Source philosophy has always been part of us. This feature allows the solution to be flexible, adaptable and easily integrable.

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