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Why you will love our software SDK

Sometimes people asks us why we spent so many time in order to develop an sdk of VTECRM that permit to our partners to develop pluggable code that also makes version update easier and out of the box.

Other times people also tell us that with an open source software you don’t need sdk or  api because “you can simple modify the original code”.

We think that is important for developer to feel comfortable while they are developing new functionality, and because we are developers too, so we have decided many months ago to give to our software the sdk, in order to avoid that people start to patch inside the core crm php files or that they have to guess where to put their hands in order to add new buttons, algorithm and so on.

Before of the sdk introduction it was a pain to maintain and improve VTECRM, like other open crms out there that didn’t make this evolution.

I’m very satisfied whit our choice, and i think that our efforts in the future have to maintain this direction.

Only in that way we can avoid the problems listed in this funny post

So, if you are experimenting this problems whit your crm developing consider to give a try to our software.

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