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Thanks to the constant improvement and the many partnerships, vtecrm has several plugin, which makes it a full suite and easily integrates with any software or computer tool.

Thanks to the work of the team I.T.T. Web, software house located in San Marino, we have a plugin that allows you to easily integrate vtecrm with Mail chimp, one of the most used newsletters software available worldwide.

Following the interview with Marco Macari, owner of ITT web:

  • Mr Macari, what are the reasons that prompted you to make this integration?
  • We decided to create a plugin that integrates Mail Chimp with vtecrm because this is one of the platforms of e-mail marketing more used and a good business communication tool but not often interacts with the CRM used by the sales force.
    As a result, the process of creating and sending newsletters is often subject to ongoing import-export data manually. Automating this process helps streamline operations, save time and get the best out of both platforms.
  • What are the main benefits of this plugin?
  • In the first place, through this automated process it is possible to update in real time the data contained in the two different platforms. For example if a salesman adds a master data to a target in the VTECRM that are automatically updates in mail chimp and has destined to marketing campaigns.
    Second, the target destination of the e-mail can be created directly in the CRM, maybe by the sales director who knows better the logic related to customers.
    Targets created in CRM are then synchronized with the segments of Mail chimp.
    An another significant factor is the ability to view on the CRM the reports concerning actions of e-mail marketing done, so the sales force has provided important feedback and useful data for future campaigns.

In the image below we see an example of a graph of the campaign results viewable within vtecrm:

IMG n10 vte ita

Let’s see how you can, through VTE CRM, manage the commercial activities, planning the sales force and checking the feedback.

An interesting case is a company operating in the industrial sector which has several offices in different countries of the world, which uses VTECRM in order to coordinate the activities of the sales force internationally.
Specifically it was made an integration with the software packages of the company so that by connecting to CRM are quickly available master data, the status of the customer, the sales trend and price lists.
Through the application will also manage all operations related to the negotiations until the preparation of the offers.

The main advantage of the solution adopted is to have available a unique tool of work for all branches in different states.
This allows management to effectively assess and valutate with unique parameters the performance of the sales force of the various states.
For the sales man the work is simplified because there is easier access to information and a shared tool of work, also easily accessible from the mobile thanks to the use of app.
This has allowed an increase of the effectiveness of the sales force, also the analyzes carried out thanks to the reports made it possible to change some points of failure and optimizing the company’s resources!

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