progetto del mese vtenext

SourceForge has announced that vtenext is the Project of the Month for September 2019.

Animportant recognition for us and for our team, which comes from one of the main web platformsfor developers of open source programs, that connects over 33 million visitors, hosts almost 500 thousand projects and serves more than 4.5 million software downloads a day.

In a long interview with the SourceForge Team we talked about the origin, features and future developments of vtenext, which we summarize below.

The original vision of vtenext:
The only open-source CRM solution with an iBPM engine

The acknowledged originality of vtenext is the introduction of the BPMN Engine in an open source CRM which has made it possible to break down many business obstacles and eliminating organizational waste at the root.

Now the data of each company silo can be imported, synchronized and managed by the vtenext process engine.

The main advantage is that CRM processes can be easily designed, implemented and automated, for the benefit of the entire organization and their customers.

Using vtenext, even in the presence of other CRMs, it is possible to manage business processes from beginning to end.

Furthermore, if you are already using different services or software, this approach ignificantly improves response times and collaboration between departments and end customer.

News: soon the first iBPM open source solution

Great news for vtenext: the introduction of Artificial Intelligence.

We are in fact working closely with the University of Verona to build the first iBPM open source solution.

Imagine if one day the machines were able to tell you what are the hidden but consolidated processes you have inside your company.

And imagine if you could then refine those processes or have a sort of decision support system, based on the previous steps of collaborators and customers.

Artificial intelligence features will be released to a number of customers (who will be beta testers) in the last quarter of 2019.

For the SourceForge community it will be available, approximately, in the second quarter of 2020.

Read the interview with the SourceForge Team by clicking here

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