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Mobile processes – vtenext Mobile is the App that makes vtenext CRM readily available. With a simple smartphone and our App, you can work even when you are not in the office, for example when travelling or visiting customers.

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Mobile processes

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The vtenext CRM Mobile App connects to the vtenext service (both Cloud-based and On Site), letting you access data, manage the calendar, convert leads, contacts and potential customers, projects, research activities and much more.
With the vtenext mobile App you can even do without smartphone or tablet tools, like the calendar or list of contacts.
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Processi Mobile

vtenext is always with you
The vtenext Mobile App gives you access to all modules configured and profiled for use from the vtenext desktop version. If there is an Internet connection, all changes introduced by means of the CRM mobile App are automatically implemented in the server, otherwise updates are automatically carried out as soon as the device connects to the Internet. With the vtenext Mobile App you can view records based on previously set filters, trace operations such as service tickets, create contacts and leads, manage the calendar and view that of other users. With the conversation module you can keep in contact with colleagues, wherever they are.

Use the vtenext app even when offline*:

– creation of new records from any module available for the App profile;
modification of records (already existing on the server or created via the App, *restrictions apply to file uploading);
deletion of records;
display of filters and folders;
– use of the global search function;
reading and sending of messages;
– reading of conversations;
– creation of new conversations;
*only available with the vtenext App offline module.
vtenext GDPR App Mobile

With the vtenext GDPR web App corporate procedures for ensuring compliance with the new GDPR regulation become simple and more secure. Let the contacts in your CRM system manage and edit their data and consents in a direct and fully secure way.
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